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NO more STEGODEUS please!

I’m really tired of losing against this freaking op dino tho i got 20 level. Stegodeus is really crap hybrid. Its totally herbivore which destroys T-Rex and I-Rex. Not even funny! Please ludia put that monster into cage.


You’ve got one, what’s the problem? Everybody uses it and I still can win even if their stegodeus is 3-4 levels higher.
That’s the challenge


I did not say its not challange dude im just saying its foolish herbivores is more dangerous than carnivores in this game and its just foolish as i said.

I love my Stegodeus, but my Monostegotops is better.

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Mono is obviously balanced dino but stegodeus is not. Its speed must be lower than 107. It has heavily armor with cleanse, reducing speed, defense and rampage so what else ? Its not fait that what im trying to say. Im not saying it must be removed or something like that. Also herbivores are super op if you dont have high level raptor.

Just because it’s a herbivore doesn’t mean it can’t be more dangerous. You really think a herbivore would sit there and take a beating, no it will fight to survive so it can live another day to eat plants and mind its own business.

Just learn to battle the Stegodeus better.


Stop being cocky my friend. I know what they need to live and survive. Well just tell me which herbivore could have heavily damage against T-rex in the past ? We just know I-REX from movie and she was just killing them for sports right ? I learn how to battle against Stego but you should learn more and be humble.

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Yeah…nasty bugger (I meant the dino. You know which one)

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I don’t know what herbivores could have heavily damaged a T-Rex in the past, I wasn’t around, and what we do know about dinosaurs will never be 100% accurate.

What dinosaurs in the past had the ability to cloak, or the ability to roar at someone and injure it? None. So why is it so hard to accept that there are some pretty strong tanks in the game that can heavily damage a T-Rex?


You sure do whine a lot, you’ll fit in here just fine.


I’m going to speak on behalf of everyone here…

It’s a game, stop moaning… you even have the Dino yourself :joy:


you just said that. I also mentioned we just know I-rex from movie nothing else. I have no problem with tanks bro why dont you get it ? I just say Stegodeus is more op than it must be thats all. I think its easy to accept.

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Personally I hate Indoraptor more.
Besides Indoraptor, Monomimus is a bigger pain.
Dilopho is the biggest pain in the arena.

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I know I said it, what’s your point?

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We were not around. I agree with you. You pointed what i would think about herbivores.

Stegod got OP because meta changed from raptor to tank by design. Next meta is supposed to sort it out but everyone seems to doubt that.

It makes sense to play raptor in raptor meta. Tanks in tank meta. OP Dino in OP Dino meta.

Or you are just complaining all the time.


I thought of Hippos which kill more people than Lions. Turns out they also eat meat if they kill it. Which scientist took ages to find out even for a living animal.

So who knows maybe Stegod ate what it killed also. Unless it’s a made up Dino.


Pretty sure it’s a made up dino.


Well, stegodeus didn’t exist. It’s a hybrid made for survive and killing. So it’s ok. Even stegosaurus could (in real life) kill some terapod with its tail. So it’s ok that its hybrid is so powerful.