No more stegosaurus’s


Ludia stop with the spamming with stegosaurs,I would love to see something different.:cry: anything please :+1:t3::joy::joy:


You need like 500 dna for each fuse of stegodeous so it’s a good thing :blush:


What Heather says; I levelled mine up to 20 (which is great) but then have had to spend the last week collecting DNA from every Steg I come across as I have unlocked Stegodeus …


:+1:t3:It would be but I ain’t seen a triceratops in befor the update I had a gd mix of dinos but now nothing but stegosaurus and figured make a post so ppl can say what their sick of seeing all the time.would make a gd change instead of ppl complaining about how much it cost or hackers winning them or spoofing <—— :rofl:had to look it up as I did not know what it was :+1:t3::+1:t3:


One thing I have learned is never to say any dino DNA is useless and not collect them when available!!

Before the migration, there used to be so much abundance of Euplocephalus, Velociraptors, Dilophosaurus. I didn’t collect them thinking it is waste of time even when I had full darts.

You never know what would change when and what would become again useful!
I am very happy with the abundance of Stego and Apato because both of them are a crucial component now. Half my team is based on their DNA. Stegodeus, Stegoceratops, Monostegotops from Stegosaurus and Stegodeus, Gigapikasaur, Nodopatasaurus from Apato!


I get we’re ppl are comeing from with the get the dna why you can here today gone tomorrow but sometimes to much of one thing is to much don’t you think :+1:t3:


You know, you don’t have to catch them lol! Stegodeus is one of the strongest dinos in the game… :smiley: .


I’d feel blessed if I saw a herd of stegosaurus.

Can’t level up my stegodeus, monostegotops, and stegoceratops because im short of stegosaurus at the moment. I’m short of stegosaurus because i’m very limited to day time play. Limited to day time play because weather conditions are unplayable. My new iphone mounted on a bike can barely survive 10 mins before framerating into oblivion. I’m over here taking my phone into the shade, and blowing on it like a crazy person trying to cool off my device so I can get some stegosaurus dna. Life is a struggle.

Long story short, you can never have too many stegosaurus dna :wink:


I feel the same way… However Nodo is the real struggle to find :frowning:


Hmm, since 1.13 I have like 10x Nodosaurus every day. He became one of the most common Rares now.

Use your chance to farm Gigaspika and Stegodeus up.


I dart any dinosaurs that spawn because I never know if I’ll need their dna later when they’re not around.


Lol I need to move were you are . A epic spawning like a common… I’m there!


Nodosaurus = Rare … not Epic

And in Version 1.12 I had Triceratops and some others spawning like that … that’s why my Stegoceratops is LV 21+ and I can’t ever get enough Stegosaurus.


Lol sorry I got confused… I meant nodopatasauras :slight_smile:


stegosaurus is great. need it for stegoceratops (then monostegotops) as well as stegodeus. remember, it could always be triceratops gen 2 instead…


just 1 or 2 trics would be brilliant not asking a lot :+1:t3::joy::joy::joy:


Keep the Stegos coming. I get about 5k or more a day and still use it all by the end of the night. I’m constantly working on my Stegoceratops and Stegodeus


Hey Calebrys one thing you can try is a cold pack. I use one of those gel packs frozen in a freezer and then wrapped around all but the front of my phone. Really really helps with the overheating.


Ill definitely try that!! Might get a pack for myself too haha. I tried purchasing one of those fans that you use as an adapter for the iphone that should cool the internal REM while fanning my face, hopefully that helps too. The things people will do these days to catch dinos.


Yep. We are all kinda crazy in our own ways.