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No more Tournaments, fix the game


If I write too much here my post will get moderated automatically and will never see the light of day.

So I’ll just say everybody is tired of the tournaments, fix the bugs in your game. Nobody will miss tournaments for a few months if you decide to skip them. Pull an “Operation: Health” like Rainbow Six Siege did when its game started going down the crapper.


Tournaments do need to go the way of the… well, dinosaurs. At least for a little while. The only people interested in them are the overly competitive crowd. Most of us aren’t interested.

Give the tournaments a break and yes, fix the bugs and keep people happy.

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Dear Three Wise Men and Santa Claus,
I think you did not understand the letter I sent you.

I said: Make Ludia’s game have a balance system to compete with even teams.

And not : keep Ludia’s uneven game be as unbalanced as always so I can face more overleveled rivals than before.


The big guys don’t even enjoy it anymore. The rewards were toned down and Marktheshark even made a post about not being able to find anyone to battle at the top for several minutes at a time.

A separate bracket would likely alleviate that, but what do I know, I’m not a dev.


thats when you know its a big deal.

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Tournaments are one big mess.

  1. They should make an ingame countdown for start/end of tournament.

  2. After reaching higher rewards requirement for first time, there should be notification.

  3. Rewards should change with each tournament, not just guaranteed DNA. There is no point for top players to compete for same rewards over and over again. Gap between top players and others just rises with each tournament.

  4. Competitive form/bracket for tournaments. In every game I played there are special forms for any competition. There should be elimination form where players with lowest trophies starts first and each round more and more players from higher arenas join. Trophies don’t need to be reset.

  5. Obviously must have is sign in option for tournaments. Possibly can be even some minor entry fee (1000 coins or 10 cash). That way only those who have intention to compete, will join.

These are just some basics. There are also bugs that need to be fixed.