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No need to even use boosts because of how matchmaking works

i’m glad we go the boost reset, now i can put any dino i want on my team again. the boosts don’t even help until you are level 30. in reality the boosts caused more problems then not for me. the macthmaking is so poor that with the added boosts the system would match my lvl 21-23 team 5-5-5 boosts against people with lvl 30 7-7-7 boosts. basically forcing a lose on me.

Now that i don’t have any boosts on the people i’ve been fighting are closer to my level, they have maybe 2-2-2 boosts at most and the fights are all close not a land slide 0-3.

the boosts are a physiological trap. you boost your dino’s to make them stronger to get an edge on your opponent but then the matchmaking just pins you against stronger opponents with Godzilla tier dinos.

i don’t think the matchmaking is functional enough to even handle the change in dino power caused by the boosts which made the matches horribly 1 sided. going 3-0 or 0-3 isn’t enjoyable its either infuriating or sad.

I tried going unboosted after the reset to see if I could get better matchups but everyone I faced had their boosts so I got absolutely bodied every time. There isnt a good solution; the game’s just expletive

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I did not have the same experience as the OP, I was (before I quit playing yesterday) facing boosted teams several levels above mine. Aviary arena, all level 23ish uniques, unboosted and I was seeing nothing but level 26+ boosted teams until the AI kicked in after a string of losses. Even the AI was tougher than normal, they are generally easy wins.

Frankly, I’m not sure how your experience is so different than mine, all else being equal.

I had the exact opposite as you. Went unboosted. However, the majority of my match ups were closer in power range and were quite enjoyable. There was the occasional over boosted monster, but for the most part everything was pretty equal.

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Some master map battles are unplayable again to a lot of us now.

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I was thinking that, but many became too easy with boosts. Tho, for today’s i could use the old boost numbers to help me beat it.

Mine have been fairly close match ups. But the battling seems stale and a bit slow now. I see the same dinos over and over now because previous dinos that needed boosts to be competitive are no longer being played. I had to change some of mine too because of them being not worth using anymore. I was playing about 100 battles a day…now I am playing maybe 30…it gets old really quick. For instance in Lockwood Estate, I see Indominus, Para, and Allo in the majority of battles with little variation. Some have draco, some have an Indo, some have Procera. Those are like the main six dinos I seem to face. In Aviary, its somewhat the same but with Thor and Erlo added in.

I used to fight many different epics and legendaries, some sporadic different uniques and commons like mirigaia…that was fun…but not anymore. Everyone seems to be using the same teams. Kinda sucks.

I’ve been changing my team up everyday so i can try out those dinos i never got to use. makes it more interesting. Granted, i’m at that sweet spot between legendary and unique dinos. i can play new uniques pretty much immediately, while newer legendaries take a little bit to bring them up 2-3 levels. when my opponents all use the same dinos, if i want variation, i change my own team. I’m not really fighting for top place, just trying to have fun.

Thor and Erlo are heavy in the Aviary