No need to hunt for DNA anymore – Dinosaurs have died

As you can see in the top 500, hunting for DNA is useless.

The game we once knew, where hunting had a purpose, and progression was about hunting for DNA is gone!

I give some examples.

As you can see, most dinos are exclusive or behind a pay-wall.

My question: How to stay motivated?



Apexes cannot be unlocked by just buying them.
Apex incubators only give like 40 dna. And most of the uniques you listed had championships so you can get them for free


What we need is a rotation of the exclusives. Alberto, Anuro, Cerv, Arcto, Bumpy… At least one or two of these need to be made available for darting sooner rather than later.


If I stopped hunting DNA, my progress would slow down by at least 300%. If anything, exclusive creatures give a better reason to hunt, as they’re more valuable and encourage darting. There also isn’t a single creature that’s pay-to-unlock, all players have access to the resources they need to unlock any creature in the game, they just require grinding. If the meta is about using money to stay ahead of everyone, and you aren’t willing to pay to progress quicker, just don’t catch up with the meta. The game becomes a lot more fun when you’re not trying to keep up with what’s top tier and what isn’t.


I grinded so hard to get vasilas, months and months of time put in to get it, does that translate into “hunting is useless?”


If you can’t get DNA in the wild, and only on events Ludia control, it is not ”hunting”.

The definition of hunting is when players actually spend time on Bus, Train, Bike, Walk, and COULD find wild DNA.

Using FIP is one way to get DNA, but its mechanism is anyway not hunting.

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This is the balance of making a fun game and a game where everyone feels like loosers.

Having stronger and stronger dinos (Power Creep) is just one way to push every player out of balance.

People can never relax, enjoy or stay calm.
New updates makes old dinos more useless.
And now all dinos are Pay-To-Win = No need to hunt.

I don’t think Indotaurus & Scorpios rex fit into the exclusive or behind a pay-wall category, as their ingredients are pretty easy to obtain.

Rare t-rex (Global spawn), Carnotaurus (Friday spawn) & Echo (Saturday spawn)

Scorpios Rex:
Mono gen 2 (local spawn) , Carnotaurus (Friday spawn) & Gorgosaurus (Thursday Spawn).

For all others, i can agree that it needs atleast 1 exclusive DNA creature as their ingredient.

Yeah. I agree that DNA on specific days are a good idea, otherwise players could progress the game way to fast :smiley: