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No need to play this week

This week is all about new players I feel. Whats worse, a week of Rhino or Mammoth that you’ll never see, or a week of Diplocaulus? Giga scents bring the same stuff to me, nothing remotely new, so nothing worth playing 3 hrs for. Add that to another redundant week of dinos I’ll need none of. Alliance creatures are nothing for me to break my back working for. Grypo strike is the ONLY decent thing this week. Man, I was already on the verge of not playing. And this for a veteran player is laughable. I know my attitude is done with this game, that’s my fault. But it seems Ludia just can’t get it right lately. Come on already, zone scents or something. We stuck at home are losing our minds with the same garbage


Us long timers aren’t the only ones playing the game. The lower guys are probably ecstatic about all this rex.


I don’t know if you remember that this week contains Rex, Pachy, and Ptera. These 3 creatures make 5 good uniques and not to mention one of them is arena exclusive. I’d go hunt Velociraptors and Trice G2 for advantage tourneys if we weren’t in this COVID-19 Pandemic. Also I bet you don’t want to miss out on those epic strikes for coins aswell as the stat boost strike.


Here’s my issue. Everything about this week is tailored to new players. Hybrid pursuit, alliance, week of dinos. There’s not one aspect that’s exciting for vets

yes I agree there are literally things to still play for. Buts its the same every week, its redundant, and there is nothing fresh of worth getting excited for.

If you only have one end goal in the game, weeks like this can be boring. When you have a half dozen or more end goals in the game, weeks like this are just what you need.


We have to sometimes remember even though this week may not help you… remember when you were a new player weeks like this help a lot… as much as I don’t need much of anything this week… I will always take “free dna” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You guys are prob right. I think I’m just personally getting bored with the game and nothing really exciting about it recently. I tried finding extra joy in building for the weekend tourneys, but those are a joke to me. Rewards are pitiful for the amount you have to put in.


Rewards of tournaments are indeed a joke…


Meh, they just aren’t anything to alert the media about

You should probably just quit the game.

There will be another week sometime soon that has crappy pursuit dino. And it will happen again and again. Because there are a lot of crappy hybrids.


Um, triceratops? This is an unfarmable component to the top tier of monostegotops. Rex gen 2 for indo gen 2. Rex for tryko and erlidom. Pachy for smilonemys and it is also unfarmable. This is a good week


I have been here 1 1/2 years and still think this week is decent.

Rex G2 for my Tenrex
Rex for the various hybrids
Pteranadon to get Zoro to Lvl 30
Pachy for Nemys

Spoilt for choice really

Plus you have to run through all the hybrids in the pursuit. After this we are looking at Megalogaia, Entelomoth and Spinoconstrictor. Unfortunately not every week can be like last week with 30 Irri attempts and wild mammoth


This is actually a decent week as one of the only epics I need is Pachy. And, I need the Rexg2 for my Indom g2 so I can level it for tourneys as my Indog2 is L30
Kinda want my Smilonemys to grow stronger ya know lol

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As others have said, not every week is or should be geared towards us long time players. The newer ones need to be given some dinosaurs of the week and weekly rewards same as the rest of us. Even under a lockdown both types of players have to be catered for.


Yesterday, I found two mammoths in an epic scent and they were only 5 minutes apart. To be fair, I found 5 epics. That is my record so far and then I later saw a natural spawn for a mammoth but it was out of range. Too bad I can only get it o lvl 13.

Are they going to continue with the movie thing. I would like to see Dino’s from other Movies except for Jurassic park which is the same thing basically. We could see I rex and Indo or are uniques just a holiday thing.

The worst part is that the North American themed dinos could have been great and we should have had that theme.

Thats the most frustrating part.

I swear you can’t go a week without someone complaining about something.


It does feel that way. :frowning: