No new features for next update

Can’t believe I’m saying this but can we please have no new features for the 16 update? Like nothing. No nerfs, no buffs (except maybe megalosuchus) Just concentrate on fixing bugs. The game seems to have taken a huge step backwards with the last update. Even darting is broken for people. Not only were the worst bugs not addressed, some were made worse and a whole mess of new ones were introduced. Just stop all your devs from thinking of new features and get them fixing all these painful bugs. Some of the work around a like zooming in on strike towers are even broken now. Just fix it. That’s all we ask. Please, just fix this, it’s quickly becoming a steamy pile.


Except maybe a “Fuse Multiple” button! My fingers hurt :frowning:


Future paleontologists will dig this up as I died trying to fuse the new hybrids…



Id like the “request” button to become “collect” when its ready so we dont jave to scroll thrpugh all the request to find ours

lol, true story… Purrolyth to level 20 struggle has begun and my finger is raw already.

Honestly, I can scroll until all these painful bugs are fixed. Get a pixel and miss out on hundreds of dimetrodon, baryonyx and other dna because they broke the very basics of the game on you and you won’t care much about scrolling to collect.

Sadly the game will die if we don’t get new content for 4 months.
Also ludia needs the money that comes from hybrids.

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The game will die if people have to put up with the bugs… You used to be able to zoom in and get around the in strike event dino bug. They actually managed to break the work around in the latest. Seriously, it’s brutally bad. Every game I’ve played got better with time. This one is going to shiat.

I will never understand why people who so clearly hate the game keep playing and complaining. If you are so unhappy dont spend money, if thats not enough go play PoGo. Yes, there are things in the game that require attention but being salty about everything isnt productive

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Yes we will have an update just to let folks know nothing changed but it could have, lol. You folks are all crazy

Quit crying

The update didn’t “take a huge step backwards” for anyone that is trying. Yes as any good update it moved the goalposts some.


We need emojis like Clash!

Also, theres to say that, not everyone working on the game is a dev, some are designers or animators for example, so It would be pointless to stop what they are doing and just put them at “fixing bugs” cos its not that simple.

And no, the game will die if we don’t get new content, because that is what the people are playing/paying for, not for a bugfree empty game.

@Uomobot Never mind new content, spawns are dismal and bugs still present. I play on foot and get very few dinos per hour with low spawn rate - its becoming a car based game

So what are these new bugs? Havent noticed any new ones yet.

I’m actually shocked that the bugs weren’t fixed with this update. Stuff like the speed indicator and damage previews should be fixed immediately. Along with anything else that costs people matches. It’s very poor effort on Ludia’s part at this point because these aren’t new bugs. I can’t even think of one bug that was fixed.

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Losing trophies when you win battles is a new one that keeps happening. Even if it’s just a visual glitch (I can’t confirm that), it still needs to be taken care of ASAP.

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Having a dino Local 3 players can invest in was a bug apparently and was fixed with flying colors.

Okey, havent played much pvp so that explains why I havent seen that :thinking:

Trophys have been all over the place. I’ve been getting like 11 for a win but if I lose it’s almost 50. People are winning and losing trophies. And damage calculator is not accurate, ugh hate doing maths in my head.