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No news about tomorrow event?

Will it be a surprise or are they gonna announce it last minute?

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Everyone’s Smilodons will turn into Black Panthers for the day.

(Black Cats = Friday the 13th.)


Could be Smilonemys

Would be awesome. Better than what’s planned. They should hire you.

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A leak was showing Erlikospyx 1 dart opportunity, but no one’s sure about the validity of the screenshot.

It’s written in portuguese, which is the language i speak, and it seems pretty legit

I’m excited to find out what this means too. It will be like a belated birthday surprise for me. :blush:

If it’s true, it will make my Spyx project easier. I won’t be able to unlock it now, but at least I could probably get 20-50 DNA at lvl 16.

I wasn’t going to actually say anything. No offense to those that did, but maybe write a big ol’ “SPOILER ALERT” disclaimer next time.


The leak was true.

And for Halloween we will be getting * a BLACK … Smilocephalosaurus !
a.k.a Lord Smilocephalosaurus …= gigantic sabre toothed kitty cat !! :scream: :crazy_face: :scream:
( remember LORD LYTHRONAX ) from April fools day earlier this year ??
well this time around we get a gigantic nasty kitty cat to battle against … oh and BTW we also have to deal with its kittens as well because one of the attack modes the giant smilocephalosaurus has is this one …>>> * instant pack rampage * <<<< whereby we are beset by the nasty cats kittens all at once … all 13 of them in one mass savage attack !! :skull: :smirk_cat: :skull: :smirk_cat: :smirk_cat: :skull: :smirk_cat: :skull: :smirk_cat: :skull:

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I’m terrified of cats, so that would be a frightening experience