No no no no no no!

I went to open up my game and I’ve lost everything!! For some reason my account has been banned and I didnt even do anything. I used to be a spoofer, but I didn’t even know that was cheating back then so I stopped back when it was announced that it was, but today, all of my progress is gone!!!

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Maybe you were found out? They asked for people to turn themselves in, i guess you took the risk of just staying quiet, stop spoofing and hope they dont notice.
Contact support and ask for the reason why


I did turn myself in. And at that time I was having some specific problems in my life, so I talked to the people, explained what happened and they said itd be alright as long as you don’t do it again.

Besides, didn’t they announce that cheaters were going to be put into a different leaderboard?

I dunno then. Best you can do is ask support directly


Probably didn’t put enough yes’s in there.

You shouldn’t have cheated.

How could you not know spoofing was cheating? It’s a game designed for people to go out and about catching things, and you somehow thought that teleporting around was legit?

On a side note at least now we know something is being done about cheaters.

Don’t bother talking to support team, they reset your account for cheating…only advice I can offer is play legit and don’t risk another reset in the future.

I’d say you got off light, some of the other cheaters got banned!

I haven’t cheated in months. That’s the confusing part, why would they decide to ban me now after I’ve been playing legit for 3 months so far?

When I started playing the game, I was going all around town, getting more exercises than I’ve gotten in a while. But then, my game had gotten a couple of problems, and the map was completely blank for like a month and a half. I couldnt go anywhere to catch dinosaurs because there was nowhere to go. I must’ve emailed Ludia like 9 or 10 times asking for help, and none of their advice fixed the map. And then, I saw some videos of people showing off this one app that allows them to teleport anywhere in the world, and I thought maybe thjs could help me out, so I installed it, and I could finally start playing again. So for weeks, the map wouldn’t work unless I did spoof, and then there was an update that fixed the map problems I was having. So I could finally walk around and catch dinosaurs, but most of the time I would spoof around and try to max out my coins faster. And then, as soon as I saw the announcement that it was considered cheating to do thay and that cheaters were going to be removed, I just immediately uninstalled the app and turned myself in. And, somehow I was spared, but now they decide to ban me after playing legit for a long time. Now its just annoying that I possibly have to work to get all my progress back after spending 5 months out of my life to get what j did.

honestly, confession or not, i believe that all cheaters shouldve been restarted🤷‍♀️


If you ask me, Ludia is never going to successfully ban every cheater. Because, there’s so many of them, probably half of the players are cheaters at this point. And it would take a long time, probably several days to pinpoint every single flagged account, and when they get removed, a whole bunch more will appear. Its like every time they’ve banned cheaters, more cheaters come back and it’s even worse then before. So, I really think its impossible to get rid of all of them. And let me tell you, some cheaters make playing the game look like nothing. I cheated, and it did not make the game any easier in any way other than you could get to certain dinosaurs easier, and max out coins faster, other than that, it was a disaster. Lol

What do you mean?

If they are finding cheaters based on analyzing the data it could definitely take months to find and ban a cheater. Or they are flagging accounts and banning en masse at later dates. It makes sense that they did it after the tournament in case they accidentally flagged any legit players.

No excuses! Cheating is cheating!


Ban cheaters, fine. But at least refund their money.

Also, if they turned themselves in they should have had no further action.

Its impossible for me to know if the op is telling the truth. But my statements stand alone whether they are a liar or not.


I wasn’t making an excuse. If theyre going to ban me for cheating then that’s fine, I accept the consequences because cheating is wrong, but it doesnt make any sense why I wasn’t banned during the first “wave,” and they’ve waited until now to do it. That’s all I’m saying, is that I’m confused on the timing of it.

Yeah, can I please have my $20 back Ludia? Pretty please? :cry:


I mean you just booted up Jurassic World Alive (the yes part), and your stuff was reset,(the no part).