No no they can’t take that away from me

You can’t see from the screenshot but the indoraptor button is blinking up! And now even if you give me only ten like most of the time! You got to give me my Indoraptor!

You can’t take that away from me! Frank Sinatra reference!:+1::sunglasses::+1::sunglasses::grinning:image


Finally indoraptor is in my team!

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Guess how many it gave me!

Pick a number between 5-15 :joy::joy::joy:

This is an easy one folks it was a fusion!

1(? They mistook it for the incubator reward😉

Oh you have put requirements now😂

The forum filter is having a melt down! I said an old saying when someone guesses right! Give that man a

The next word is a cigar :joy::joy::joy:

You arent joking, it really is tonight