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No. of players online drops dramatically

It’s been much harder to find people to do friendly challenge after the last tournament done…

people are leaving this game or just want a vacation before the next tournament comes?

Add more friends lol

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i’ve got almost 100 friends…but still hard to find one to play with

Well, I for example never do friendly games except sometimes one to get milestones. Why am I going to do a friendly game, being able to make a real game, more exciting and with the possibility of winning coins?

Anyway, it is true that I know several people who have left the game (basically for two reasons, technical errors and lack of spawns and parks near their homes) and instead I know very few new players.

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nowadays 25-27 battles a day to fulfill the mission to get the bird dna…

i played 10-15 real battle and still have to do friendly 10-15…

real battle also difficult to find real players…10 battles take 3 hours to complete even including the time sitting in the toilette…

I do not understand this last. In 90% of cases I can perform a real battle with less than 1 minute of waiting. The other 10% are battles that expire or, what is worse, battles that I must restart and when the phone restarts, I already have the batlla lost.

I have to do 36 battles for the necessary DNA but, once the holidays have passed, I have already abandoned this mission. I dedicate more than 3 hours a day (actually many more) to the search for dinosaurs. I can not spend more than 4 hours more to perform battles (more or less 7 minutes per battle including initial waiting time), whether real or friendly. It is madness to demand so many battles.

near the peak…we are lonely…so very hard to find opponents

Well, I’m currently around 5100. I’m not near the top but I’m not too far either :slight_smile:

90% of the real games end up being produced, only 25% of friendly attempts are produced. Another reason to prefer real battles.

I would complete each and every “daily task” BUT it is REALLY hard to get a friendly challenge. I a past week I would complete all seven challenges but I never get into the friendly challenge. Somehow that green challenge button doesn’t work when I can see friends or there are no green buttons…

The leader of my alliance stopped playing middle season and he didn’t return. He used to be above 5000 trophies. I suspect some of the other members did the same. DNA donations have almost stopped. Either winter is making a dent on the game or the game designers did with the deliberate lack of spawns (probably both).

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Do you actually ask people for a friendly or just challenge anyone on your list? I usually ask in the game chat in the alliance and someone is always up for a battle. But I’ll also have people trying to challenge me while I am running a scent or something so I always decline those.


I have the game running most of the time but can rarely private battle as I am doing something else … like you I ask in Alliance chat when I want or need one :+1: