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No official comment about the singles day event some folks get?

@Ned ? Anything? People being left out would like to know.

Looks like we are SINGLED out lol. No extra coin chase here.


Apologies for the late reply, @Tuco. The Singles day treasure chase was only for Asia.

There are treasure chases planned for everyone as well during this week’s weekly events. :slight_smile:

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Finally some perks for living in the Eastside of the Globe.

So what day is the UK treasure chase? If you are referring to the planned ones as in the 3 during the week that everyone including Asia gets then that’s not right.

What day this week is UK getting this Singles day?

Why do you constantly exclude so many countries from your events??? You’re the new CM @E.D please explain why country exclusive events exist in this game which result in giving an unfair advantage in a COMPETITIVE game?

Yeah, that was one of the lamest answers I’ve ever seen on the forum.

I just couldnt help but laugh at the games notification of Single’s Day. It’s like literally everything has its’ own holiday now. I’m in a relationship so I couldnt partake in the holiday sadly lol, which is ironic because I’ve been single for most of my life.

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If singles day is exclusive to Asia then Fourth of July should’ve been exclusive to the USA and whatever other countries celebrate exclusive to them. Or just be fair and let everyone enjoy the benefits.

or we can grow-up and stop whining that someone else got something this week that we didn’t get.

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It’s not about being grown up. It’s about Ludia giving unfair advantages to certain countries and cities in a competitive game.

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True as that may be, I highly doubt anyone will notice that some players got a little bit of extra coins.

It’s not about what they got. It’s about Ludia making exclusive events and excluding the majority of players. They’ve done it over and over again.

St Patrick’s Day is a National holiday in Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. They didn’t exclude the rest of the world for that. Now yes that would have been totally unfair based on what that event provided, however, the more they do these country exclusive events the more those players will benefit.

This is a competitive game at heart so giving specific countries to get exclusive opportunities at getting more coins, dna, whatever is UNFAIR.

I hope @E.D you are reading this as we’ve not heard much from you in regards to anything as far as comms are concerned.

And they will probably keep doing it. Unfair as it may be, and as competitive as you may be, you are seriously not gonna notice anything from this event. It has to be of St Patricks Day level to be of any significance. Coins can be farmed and bought, there’s no advantage there.

I think we all know by now ludia favours some over others… If you don’t know that are you sure you are playing the same game as everyone else?

There is an advantage. What about the multiple events they’ve run in US/Canada where people got opportunities to dart dinos like Indominus? That’s an advantage where others only get the chance during a special event that everyone gets access to.

I don’t care whether they will probably keep doing it, If I am not happy about it I will make my unhappiness heard. I have my right to do it and Ludia deserve it the way they go about things. So I will speak my mind if I chose to do so.


Ludia had better be careful, they don’t want the arenas to be unbalanced due to exclusive events. I guess it’s not as important as let’s say 1 shot at Tenontorex…

The extra blue event they ran in canada when the raptors made it to the finals was most certainly a serious advantage. Blue dna cant be farmed or purchased.

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Please keep doing so. I actually do agree with you but can’t really figure out how this would negatively affect anyone :slight_smile:

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Yeah I understand, but as I say, it’s not about this specific event or the content of it, it is about exclusive events in general.

Complaining about the occasional rotating advantages to certain regions, even from a competitive standpoint, is ridiculous. It either evens out in the end or the advantage is immaterial. It’s like complaining that your sister appeared to get a bigger piece or cake for dessert.

Plus, the overwhelm disadvantage, from a competitive standpoint, is the cheating at the higher levels. Both spoofing and using special darting programs.

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