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No one is pokey like Gaston (Jurassic file #2)

Ready for a new creature? I am, because today, we’re gonna be taking a look at a dinosaur that has nothing to do with Disney’s Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, but rather a dinosaur. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Gastonia.

Rarity: Common

Animation: Ankylosaurus

Evo 1

Level 10

Health: 76

Attack: 20

Fact: Gastonia was name by James Kirkland in 1998.

Evo 2

Level 20

Health: 125

Attack: 39

Fact: One of the main predator for this dinosaur was a Utahraptor, which both fossils are found in Utah.

Evo 3

Level 30

Health: 145

Attack: 49

Fact: Gastonia’s spiky tail could have give predators a nasty deep cut when battling.

Evo 4

Level 40

Health: 299

Attack: 100

Fact: The name, Gastonia, means “Gaston thing”.

Hope y’all like it. I’m planning on doing more in the future, especially Aquatics. Thank you for reading.


Doing the same as JW alive I guess? I am sure somebody will bring up Dinosaur of the Day as well soon.

What do you mean?

You do this on Jurassic World Alive as well right?

Oh yeah I did. Did you like it?

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Yes. Definitely Yes. Must take quite a lot of time,effort and passion.


Yeah it does. Especially with my latest post on the vulture and the raptor

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gaston thingy!?

No. Gaston thing