No one will ever level Alankylosaurus again


Just a thought; If you can only get DNA exclusive from the Aviary over 6000 :trophy: (which is like five people) and no one at that level is using it, then it seems like no one will ever level the thing again, at least until they do another special event.


I think you just may be right …


Alana is Lockwood Estate exclusive which before tournament reset had around 150 players reaching that arena.

Anyways, it’s true that very few would even bother putting the legendary hybrid on team due to difficulty in grinding Alanqa away that level.


I wonder if it’ll get a super OP unique tho… I dino that hard hard to attain and level deserves something like that


I’ve also come to this conclusion and since I’m approximately 60,754,517,734 years from reaching the required arena in order to get more Alanqa DNA, I’m having to accept the very real possibility that I’ll not be able to get Alankylosaurus to begin with.


Omg, I hope not, as hard as it will be to start obtaining more Alanqa DNA, let alone getting its hybrid up to a decent level to begin with lol


Im using him right now… but once i create and level my trag he will be replaced… i like his playstyle though swapping in on a cloaked indom is fun


I love Alankylo. She’s on my team now and I love how she plays. She has won quite a few battles that I thought we’re sure losses. Just has to be played right. Plus…she looks like a baby dragon and it makes me love her all the more. So to me, she’s definitely worth levelling.


I complained about this before the reset. It’s actually 5k tho. The 6k is one of the rare counter attack birds. I was in the 5k bracket b4 reset and said back then it was a stupid policy to reset and have exclusives… even tho I had been getting the DNA already so I was benefiting. There were only 80 people in it AFTER last tourney so in general new content will be locked for most users of this is how they plan to implement it moving forward


I have my Alankylosaurus at level 24 but that’s where she will stay. I really tried to use her in battles but I just don’t find her very viable because her defenses can be easily thwarted by dinos like IRex and Tryko.


Yeah, I didn’t bother. New content is so expensive to level compared to the advantage of powering up one of my top 8. It’s 1 week of coin harvesting just to get new guys up to hybrid level. A level in your strike team could be the difference in the season two standings. I’m prolly never going to actually use new Dino’s sadly
I’m impressed you got to level 24 honestly


I hope she doesn’t and that they save the Unique for Pteranodon instead :scream: Completionists are likely to give up the game if they find the goal unattainable :laughing:


I only had enough dna because I was desperate for Ankylosaurus dna and bought incubators (when 13 epic scent capsules only gave you 1 Anky and you really want that Tryko :sob:) that kept giving me more Koola, Concavenator, Gryposuchu and Alanqua :rofl: I went up against people with almost an entire team of uniques and my Alankylosaurus got one shotted pretty quickly as soon as she swapped in.

They need to up her speed and replace one of her defenses with an attack or else she’s a sitting duck. :joy:


This. 1000x this.


She is worth leveling yes. However what I’m saying is that you can’t level her, because you can’t get Alanqa DNA. If you were in a place (Lockwood estate) where you could get DNA then you would have a better team of Dino’s and wouldn’t use Alankylosaurus anyway. I’m using it too it’s good fun. I hope your happy with what ever level you have it at.


I stupidly assumed the bird DNA was exclusive to the Aviary. Come on Ludia.