No Opponent! Cannot Battle for many days


Hi All,
I’m having a problem with Battle Arena where I reached 37xx on score board and took 1st last 2 days.
My ign is KingDreadnaught. After I got 1st place, I couldn’t enter any fight after that.
The game loaded into battle but it shown no opponent which cause my game to stuck at that process.
It takes about 10-20 minutes to reset and back into normal menu. Every attempts into battle bring me back into No opponent situation. Catching and buying incubators works normal.
Please check into this bug and if there’s any guide please let me know.

Ps* I tried on both iOS and Android, Reinstalled, Uninstalled, Relink Facebook, etc. Nothing happens.


No one good enough. Might have to toss the first few fights so you can lower yourself. Just an idea. That sucks man…


Hm. The thing is I cannot even get into a fight… What do I do? I sent in ticket and emails but still no reply.
It’s really frustrating. Call me whatever but I spent quite a lot into this and I think this bug and support right now is not up to how much I have supported the game…

ps* I can see the leaderboard and I’m at 6th now… So basically other high points players can play the game but I can’t…


Goodness, ludia doesnt even have bots for you fight man! Good job! But that does suck. Hopefully they can fix that


I’m beyond frustrated at this point. I just can’t do anything beside catching the dinos. Thanks tho but other players above me have stronger team and I guess No Bots is not the case lol. I’m dropped to 6th now and I can’t do anything about it. Sent emails for 2 days already. Don’t know when the support team gonna reply. BTW, I got Blue but cannot see Indoraptor in her page to fuse to. Is this wrong or she’s not a part of indoraptor?


The indoraptor thing I believe was a fluke. They pulled the showcase incubator from the store to fix the issue I guess, but other then that idk much on it. But I am really sorry about the arena thing, hopefully its not just you. Obviously the top 3 arent struggling, figures, but I have faith you’ll get it back. Dont give up! I’m rooting for you!


I can’t fight anymore either. After a week of not being able to get on, I finally get on and now it searches for an opponent and then it’s just the background of the volcano and the embers. Nothing else happens.

I’m still waiting for my first ticket so no point contacting support.


So beside waiting for their response, we only hope for new update to come and fix this… this is bad.


Same situation today. Waiting for bots to load too but got stuck in the loading screen . No opponent showing up. Tried to change devices but it’s the same thing…


No idea why you would give them so much money, they don’t really care much about the game…they know it’s going to be dead soon enough and are focused on getting as much money as possible before it happens. Has anyone ever been replied to by support and got their issue fixed? Except that automated message, because that doesn’t count… everyone gets those.


I understand what you mean but let me explain and hope this doesn’t come out wrong. As I have available funds to “entertain” myself, I choose to put into gaming instead of other things. I used to play other games and invested into it way ALOT more than this. However, their developers and studios took care of me really well and the games are still alive. I left those games with satisfaction and never regret spending that much for them. This one is new to me and I didn’t expect it to be this mess… I mean this is first time I encountered the issue and sent in tickets. I have no idea if they are going to reply fast enough or at all. We will see how it goes from here.
What I know is that the amount I’ve spent into this is not small and if no changes or support from their team, the next step will be made.


Love the way how you support developers; some people simply can’t while others can. I also put some money into JWA; not a lot but definitely enough imo. Currently im not having high hopes, especially when i see how things are being done around here. Forum censorship, no patch notes (a lot of ‘hidden’ changes), no clear roadmap, constant hard selling (pretty agressive with their over priced goodies),… List is starting to pile up and i feel bad in their place. Even simple replies on the forum (on numerous topics) are a very rare sight (from staff members).

As for the support service; they simply are understaffed and can’t handle the immense amount of support tickets coming in. I heard people had to wait for 12 days and such… So good luck with that unfortunately.

Hopefully for you things get solved but unless the next big patch hits soon i’d advice you to re-think your buying habbits. Your current situation was created because the game lacks end-game opponents; you literally bought your way to the top it seems. It will take months for regular players to reach your rank so the only option i see is fighting more level 30 bots; max out arena trophies so everyone can fight or create more high level bots (which im definitely not a fan of)… Or persuade more players to buy more progress.


I try every day and many times a day. Today I got into a fight and I was like “this is not gonna last”… and it was ! for 2 games! I got into battle and the opponent were “real players” not the lv30 bots.
I think they were about lv.17-20. So if I could guess, the bugs are probably something related to the lv30 Bots that don’t work properly. If they are fixing the bots, this might be the case as they are getting ride of them. I just don’t understand that why would the game need the bots when there are many other “high end” players out there. Even tho it’s just handful lets say 10-20 (as for top1-20), they are fightable.
The Randomness of 4 dinos and steps the players choose can change the outcome. From 3400 scores, I fought 99% of Lv30 Bots to 38xx now. While I could win lv.30 bots, I do believe level 18-20+ can also beat my lv22-24 dinos… you get what I mean?


Ps** after 2 fights, the bug is back… same old No opponent…


I have 3300 trophies myself, rank 307. I fight numerous battles against different opponents; bots and players.

I have to say fighting level 27s loses me games 90% of the time; matches are becoming really close but i never really win them. The AI even makes numerous mistakes most of the time; even then i don’t have what it takes.

Fighting level 27 commons is do-able; level 26 legendaries or epics isn’t due to the versatility of their skill set; hence why top tier AI is so brutal.

Your team is probably full legendary? Mine has 1 epic and all rares. Thats how you start to win games; first by levels, second by rarity (and levels) due to the variety of skills they have compared to commons.

I think the only real opponents (and fair) you can have is in top 100. Anyone without legends is going to have a really hard time fighting your deck imo since you slaughter level 30 AI decks lol. You seem like a good player; combined with rarity and levels that is a dangerous combination! Well played.


Good player? Haha I think a bit too good for the game’s situation right now. I’m just a heavy player who spent a bit TOO MUCH on games. Quite too much for a game that has too many bugs.
Well, not all legendary needed for fighting higher level opponent. Variety to support others is a must I think. Here’s my team that mostly took down lv30 bots. Btw, the bots have their set-up moves. You know it and you win them even 1 % Chance left. You can guess things when there’s coming to final decision of the bots and turn the table for your victory. Here’s my team … that I used to use to fight when the battle arena not broke.


I am not able to fight now since there is no opponents at all, real player or bots alike. The result I don’t have any incubators.

I think Ludia is telling me to buy incubators instead.

But what is the purpose of you cannot get incubators to get coins and DNA’s to level up dinos and also to fight in arena to rank up.

Ludia should take a good look at the battle arena issues for high level dinos.


Hey King, I have also experienced this issue twice now and when I was rank 3 it was frustrating for sure back to 8 again but I think it’s the system holding us back as it took way longer to see someone break 3800+ then it did to get to 3500. It’s like they don’t want us to blow the trophies count out of the water so they stall us. But if they are going to bring out more battlegrounds then they will just reset us all again anyways back to below the new level to enter them don’t be so worried about rank right now just drop a bit get back into battles and get your incubators kicking again.


I am not worried about rank. I can’t fight means I lost the chance to get incubators.


Looks like the game is back to normal… (for now). Since last night I got no problem with any fights. Btw, confronted 1st UbitoUchiha multiple times. It was fun lol and look what he/she has…

Salute to great battles. Now win 3 lose 3 :wink: was intense!