No opponents in Battle Arena


As of today, i am unable to fight in battle arena.

It seems that there is no opponent and the fight came to a draw without me able to fight.

Can ludia support help in this.

Anyone encountering this issue?


does it bug out when you hit certain levels while trying to fight lv30 bots?


Hey Francis,
I’m having the same issue. Is yours working now? Mine doesn’t work for 4 days already. I can do all things in games except get into battles because it goes to the No opponent thing all the time. I sent ticket, did you send yours?


I am still having the issue. Only able to fight occasional real player. When I hit 15 secs, I get the issue again.


I never send yet. Did you get your reply?


No reply. And yours working now??


Let me try and see. Will let you know.


The issue is still there.


After this I choose dino and keep waiting for opponent to appear and timeout.


i can’t get any fights nowadays even with real player.

the most i manage with 2 and i lost to both of them.


I found a way to get the opponents to fight. Keep lv23 dinos and below on your team.