No option to fuse new dinos?


I have the DNA for both of them, but there is no button to fuse… :frowning:

And they dont appear as not collected…

Has anyone figured out how to unlock the new hybrids?
Can't create new hybrids
Yall having issue to fuse the newest hybrid?
New update but with a few issues? 🤔
New hybrides can’t be created

I’ve got bad news for you, pal. I read somewhere that you must find them in the wild first before you can create them. I was lucky and captured this guy in one attempt, now I can fuse DNA to level it up, but I’m not so sure about Dilonarosaurus, since allegedly legendaries NEVER spawn in the wild


Yeah, the ankylocodon is no problem, but finding legendary in wild?!? :open_mouth: i hope, that its just a bug, and they fix it… :slight_smile:


Let’s hope, I was very excited to finally have a Dilophosaurus hybrid :frowning:


Me too, i have a ton of Dilophosaurus DNA… :smiley:


Możesz pokazać statystki oraz ataki?


My game is in Spanish, I’m sure that you won’t mind :slight_smile:


Thats wromg surely as ive not evem been out hunting yet and necer seen a new creature, yet i have the einiasuchus hybrid.

So no you don’t have to see them in the wild first


I go to my Dilophosaurus & it still says unknown hybrid even though i have both dinos for it to atleast show but still says unknown but my dilophosaurus is halfway to lvl 7 & the other is at least lvl 12 but says it’s unknown so i can’t even check it out. The rares at least pop up looking at thier required dinos, but the sarco one & the unique are showing to work.


I’ve even tried leveling up some of the combos up, but I don’t think there’s any other common + common = rare that requires them to be above level 15 to start fusing


what is this “somewhere”. also, i have never head of anyone ever finding a legendary hybrid in the wild, so i cant imagine this is true.


Another thread in this forum, but I remember it said something like: ‘Peeps online saying you must find them in the wild first’. Also, if you read my other replies here you’ll find that I too doubt that there is an Diloranosaurus out there.


Actually, rare class hybrids must be able to fuse DNA & created while ingredients arrived lv 5.
For epic class is lv 10, legendary lv 15, unique lv 20.

And we didn’t need to encounter hybrids to unlock them in the former version.
I’ll suggest this is simply a bug need to be fixed.


I am also having this issue with Ankylodon, Dilouranosaurus, Diplotator, and Monomimus. Tuaramoloch appears as it should and I’ve even manage to fuse up some DNA for Sarcorixi with my hastily accumulated sarcosuchus DNA. I’m very happy with the newest update and hoping for this to be hotfixed sometime soon.


Hey dino hunters, thanks for reporting this issue to us. This is not intended but our team is aware of this issue, and they’re looking into it.


It’s like ppl can’t hybridize anything else except for the sarcorixis. No fuse button to be found from nowhere. And btw got a bit disappointed on sarcorixis, crocodilans zero presence in JWA.


Yup even though my dinos are a high enough level and I have plenty of DNA it won’t even give me the option of fusing


I can assume the best thing to do is to stay tuned until it’s fixed or AKA probably it’s just some other pile of disappointment there


Glad it’s not just me!


What lvl are they supposed to be 10, 15, 20? Been trying the Ankylocodon and Diplotator. But no info what lvl i need to start fusing.