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No photo posting?


Was going to post a funny JWA pic, but it looks like the ability to UL photos is gone now? Have tried three different browsers.


If you are on your phone…


the buttons are gone for me as well…

if you mouse over them they are still there. they show a little flag of what they will do.

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My post highlighting the button got auto-hidden.


You got nerfed by ludia!?

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There it is



Must be a browser thing??


Tried three (IE/Chrome/FF) same issue in all of them. Have not tried on my phone.

Maybe it was pics of my dinos with no clothes on?


Yeah, still not seeing buttons. So, is the idea that there is no upload and you drag and drop? Or has Ludia gone all Instagram and will only let you post on your phone now?


Thx everyone - problem solved. Yeah, they just took away the buttons and went D&D. Nice update, just took me bothering you all to figure it out :smile: