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No posts no schedule?

Have you guys realized that there were no posts on jwa fb since Friday? Not even this week’s schedule. May it mean something?


They prob were scared to post anything. They just reset the weekly missions back to normal time, costing us 6 hours, and shut it down for the weekend. Lately if you want to know an answer wait til it shows in the game


Ya cause there usually on time by now wonder what’s going on

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Refreshing like crazy hehe. Nothing happening!

At least say something on here or something to let us know if there is gonna be any events

It’s Africa week, they just haven’t posted it for whatever reason.

They cut overtime because boost sales are way down.


So what would the creatures be

Diplocaulus, Suchominus, Nunda, Majunga, Sarco, Lion, Spino, Giraffe, Alanqa, Kentro

The real question is why do they post it on Twitter and Facebook? They have their own forums why do they want to not drive people to read their own forums?

To create social presence and lure more people to the game and their pages.


Wait I though lion was Australian


That is the way I was thinking also, create duplicate ‘users’. By posting on several different platforms, one user will have to hit them all to check for updates or the semi-daily link for HC. So they can state they have XXXX users of FB, XXXX users hit their Forum and XXXX users hit twitter ever day. Pad the numbers so to speak.

If they actually wanted to keep users well informed, there would be one place to get ALL current updates. If anything is in question, hit one link and you will not need to visit the others.


Yesterday I asked whether the tournament battles counted towards the alliance defence missions. No answer from anyone at Ludia, nothing.

Since Friday, I haven’t seen any mid activity on here, no cash link from F/B or Twitter, nothing relating to next weeks events.

Weekend off for everyone perhaps?


Well in all honesty, in reply to the open letter they did promise to IMPROVE COMMUNICATION

Here’s how trustworthy their promises are :joy::ok_hand:


To improve their communication they could be in a last minute workshop Communication this weekend :wink:

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It’s because @Jorge quit and @E.D hasn’t caught up with the schedule of communication yet. I’m sure the weekly schedule will be posted as usual on a Sunday once he’s got to grips with it.


Maybe they lost the passwords for the fb and twitter accounts?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: wouldn’t surprise me if they did :wink: