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No posts no schedule?

I enjoy the silence

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If it is Africa/Oceania themed then we’ll be getting more Alanqa. Ludia better give Alankylo a super hybrid or even give alanqa a seperate hybrid line in 1.11 or I’m gonna freak

they won’t :upside_down_face:

Still no schedule yet? Ludia’s still going down hill then?

@Ned can someone please communicate with us???

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They can place posts, they can place a schedule… or “pass it on to the devs” or anything. If they can delete posts during weekends they can add one.

But they must have a shedule and order to post it, and I think now they have none of this =) At least no order

Love the theories here.
The correct answer is: Just be patient.


I hope patience will bring Diplo OR Blue out for event. And 9x chances.

That’d be great of course. But I have this feeling we’re gonna get Kentro.

I honestly think patience isn’t an issue. Patience is what’s been keeping us all in the game so far. Tournament specs that get posted last minute, alliance missions reset that gets posted last minute, weekly showcase last minute… how much patience do they expect… they require team cooperation and good planning and timing from all players given the missions we’re presented with… would be nice if they at least give us the time to set this up🤷🏼‍♀️


Interestingly the alliance mission clock reset at some point so the week does end at the normal time, i.e. 3hrs 47m from now.

How I see this issue is as pure irresponsibility.

Is it fine to keep others wondering in the dark? No. It is not.

Now someone go wonder why the forum is “toxic” sometimes. Whose fault it is? Is it us the players?

I am an optimistic person. But many times by being optimistic proves to be a mistake after all…


Everything since daylight savings changed is a mess now. Add it to the list of issues that will be resolved later. In this case, when daylight savings go back in spring :slight_smile:

Indeed, but as far as I was aware when they reset the alliance missions there was a full 7 days available - at some point that has been reduced so it ends at the normal time. I could be mistaken though.

Having no schedule out is the lesser problem around right now. They are silent because everyday new players join the game and cash in, not knowing the state of the game and the lack of fixing. That is why all they do is throw cash promotions and boost sales. No matter if 90% of the ocmmunity is unhappy, they are still getting cash in - that is all that matters.

In a way, we are all idiots for hoping better.


Patience is certainly not the problem. Ludia has exhausted all patience.

I mean the schedule is posted every Sunday right? What is different this occasion? Well as far as the players know all that is different is a change in CM. Should a change in CM break the usual process? No it should not, because there should be a proper hand over from old CM to new CM to make sure everything runs smoothly.

But sure lets be more patient, like we are with age old bugs, with alliance CHAT, with constant errors in their promotions, generally with the constant incompetence.


Same deal with the click links on the forum, that take us to the app store and give us ten HC. Probably counts as a new download and generates fake new users/interest. I always wondered what I’m agreeing to when you hit the “agree” button and there are no terms.

Probably the same reason you can’t update through the app, you have to go through the app store… counts as a new download.


Seeing how @Jorge is the staff member that makes the forum update of the weekly events, maybe his replacement hasn’t been shown how to do it yet.

Most likely the case, but that means no hand over was planned, which is poor management.

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This is only a 21 hour patience, it’s survivable. Then again, nowhere it says that they must provide a schedule. It’s a free service, like this forum, and they can decide the terms whenever they feel like it. We got used to it, but it doesn’t mean we should take it for granted.