No prize incubators


Did anyone else not receive anything? I was over 4000 and haven’t gotten anything.

Tournament Rewards ....didn’t get one for some reason
Has every1 got their incubator?

Got mine just now


I too was over 4000 and havent gotten anything


Same. 20202020


Maybe they’re sending the prizes out in waves? I mean, I don’t really care either way since the whole tournament was rubbish.


I was around 3900 so I didn’t expect anything, but I see that lots of people lower than me got them. I haven’t received anything (yet?).


I dont have it too i nad only about 3200 but some people did get it with even lower


I was on 4009 and haven’t got a reward yet either. I got there a bit more than 24 hours before the tournament ended, so it isn’t going to be a case of delay in the rankings from my last fight missing the threshold.

Give some under 4k got rewards, I wonder if they’ve messed up?


Got mine just now thru the mail. 42XX when the tournament ended. What was the trophy count for those that didn’t receive it?


I still havent recieved mine. I was over 4k at end of the tourney but today i was less thsn 4k. Hoping score wasnt taken into account today


No, I received one and I never made it to the 4000!!!


Same here, I was over 4000 , nothing received so far.


I’m 4012 when tournament ended. Haven’t got mine yet


If they’ve been handed out, I’m missing mine. I was 4.5k …


Yep…got mine just now. Just an epic incubator but the coin helps.


Need those coins though, stego isn’t gonna upgrade himself !


Hey everyone, there was an issue this morning with the tournament rewards, but everything should be resolved now. Take a look at the announcement from our team here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Tournament Rewards Ruckus


Also received 500 cash for participation later in the night after getting the epic incubator