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No rare DNA?


Um, I didn’t realize this until posting the picture on the Gameplay thread for today’s epic strike tower, but I didn’t get ANY rare DNA from it!! I’m glad I took a screenshot of my missed rewards!!


I’m assuming it’s just the bug of the day.
I was kinda hoping it would take the edge off my Advanced extraction task, but looks like I will have to do some fusing instead.
I ain’t mad :slight_smile:


no rare in the dna pool :slight_smile:

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Maybe because I’m interested in getting some rare DNA? I have creatures I wanna level up that require something from the rare pool. And I would definitely appreciate it if you wouldn’t call me stupid. I’ve had issues with bullies in the past, and I don’t take stuff like that lightly. (I’m talking about you using the word stupid, by the way. Just wanted to clarify that I’m not trying to accuse you of bullying. I don’t take that lightly either, but from my experience, it’s best not let stuff escalate if at all possible.)


I just hope I face the same bug. A good bug :sweat_smile::joy::sweat_smile:


I got over 800 grypo dna, fusing to 60 unique dna


I am sorry. I was trying to be funny, and I clearly wasnt.


I understand that after the fact, but probably not a good idea to make that kind of joke. Especially not on a forum where it’s probably against community guidelines. :wink:

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Thanks for letting us know. Our team is aware of that issue, @ImpossibleMephit, and they’re looking to address it. It should have only affected the rewards for that specific Strike event. :slight_smile:

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