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No real use for taunt

What would be the whole point of using taunt if the enemy in the raid would instant kill you that enemy killed you and that’s one less member in the raid so I don’t see a real use for taunt unless you use it so you won’t have to fight in a raid so the taunt is kinda useless. Sure taunt could help avoid a valuable team member but that would just kill the taunter if it was Godzilla rex then using taunt would be a death wish

Taunt is extremely valuable in raids. If something is dieing early on in a raid because it used taunt then that dino is not yet at the required level/stats for the raid.

It is also sometimes very useful in the final round as a sacrifice to save the chompers from being targetted.


Oh then what would be the use of the taunt immunity?

Then when a minion uses taunt certain dinos won’t target the minion and may go for the boss. All depends on the strategy.

Ok that sounds useful

Because by sacrificing yourself you give the rest of the team better odds of finishing the raid successfully. This is why Ardentismaxima being finished off in Round 2 during a Mortem raid by Mortem’s Impact in a Tuora/Tryo/Tenonto/Max raid doesn’t have any bearing on the raid’s outcome, because by that point, Max has done it’s job of taking down the Minions and dealing a lot of damage to Mortem itself, thereby allowing Tenontorex, the other heavy hitter, to finish it off with support from the Tuora and Tryo.

Likewise, there are several strats that rely on Diorajasaur doing the extra bit of damage from it’s counter-attack, and like with the Maxima there can be situations in a raid where Diorajasaur sacrificing itself lets the other players finish the raid successfully.

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