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No recent battle annotations

I have just now realized that out of the 35 battles that I have done today, it has only annotated 28 of them. Is this some arena cap that all of a sudden popped up or something or has this been a thing since the beginning?

If you fight a bot the name doesn’t show

The thing is I was not fighting a bot. The countdown clock until AI comes in never went to zero. I just find it very strange.

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That’s AI, bots are randomly put in a fight f/i after you’ve lost a battle or two. You can recognise them having idiotically high creatures nobody uses and never using bleed or priority moves

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But what if on a 7 battle winning streak. Does that still apply? They have used bleed and priority moves. Just from what I have witnessed they do bonehead moves as well.

If you didn’t face any bots, you probably faced the same people multiple times.

Could be possible. Just strange that I went hardcore with 35 battles and only get 28 annotated. If that is any testimony how bad arena is, then I do not know what is. I just felt short changed

Difficult to say, doesn’t sound like bots. Maybe you’ve fought a few of them twice? Don’t know which arena you’re in but some of them just don’t have that many people playing. And if you’re battling a lot chances are you encounter several of them multiple times

Oh ok I am in Aviary at the moment

Yeah, that’s where I am. Encountered several players multiple times already

Good to know

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