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No regrets

7/7/6. I regret nothing.



Looks like the perfect dino for the upcoming 1.9 immune meta. Well done! :+1:

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That made me double check I spelled it right! Haha


Nice though be warned that there is tale of another who layed the smacketh down upon me on the 5th. His was 7/8/7 and the heavens saw fit to give me all the wrong things to sacrifice to it.

256 boosts for 49 more damage? Now that I would regret.

I faced it today… vicious :muscle:t2:

That was a good one, too… I should have known better than to waste the rampage.

I’m starting to face a lot of the folks I used to see in the arena. I think due to the fact that my boosts are equalizing and my oddballs are leveled up enough. Probably to do more with the matchmaking than anything.

Yeah tweaks have been made to match making… atleast ive felt it spending most of 1.8 sub 4400 im now back to where i was during 1.7 around 4800… i dunno if id say its fairer as i feel matching is now heavily favoring me… but ill take it for now…