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i was kinda need a break - a new game for a change and a game call ball mayhem or something come across in the chart and it’s very interesting game to play. especially when i am a hug fan of football. just wandering if any of you guys playing the game. want to find people to play with!

i am playing it now. pretty nice game though, but i think it’s for recess only. it gets easy to get boring after a while

i was searching apknite on the other day for a game, see it but i dont like the game texture. looks too childish to me

yeah we can add friend and play, i am at level 26 now. 27 is so hard to break throuhg the line

Ball Mayhem is great guys. Gotta say that some levels are quite challenging. I’m in the Homescape game from on apknite and my friend recommended this Ball Mayhem game for me. I’m with you.

Voodoo makes some great games that stay addicting and this one is no different. it’s simple, easy to pick up and put down, but just hard enough to feel like you have to try. But when compared to their other games, you can feel the repetitiveness much sooner than others. There are only so many movements that the AI knows so eventually you find out how to exploit their movements, making it pretty easy. Still, ball mayhem apknite is a fun time waster when you got a few to blow.