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No repeatable quest once campain is finished

After finishing campain it appears you can no longer do repeatable quests meaning you can’t really get eggs or use energy.

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Hey Crazyscorp, congratulations on completing the exploration!

Our team is looking into re-adding these repeatable quests in the future.

If this is intended and not going to be fixed till the “future” can we get a roll back and for future players a warning before killing the last alpha.

As it stands right now I might as well delete the game since can no longer complete a lot of duties or get eggs needed to level dragons. Being a fight club member is also pointless since can only reset one duty per day meaning finishing a chest will take days.

I’ll definitely pass your feedback to our team.

Looks like it is somewhat fixed even if the repeatable rewards are a lot less. Not sure if I am safe to kill this alpha though.