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No replies back from support

It’s the first time ever having had to contact support, message over 24 hours ago got the general we will be in touch shortly block reply but even though have messaged twice since actually nothing.
I don’t think it’s good service especially when I am VIP, time to think whether game is worth it and do Ludia know about customer care

I’m sorry to hear that you have not heard back from our support team yet @Shazbo1963. It might take some time for our team to get to your ticket, but they’re working as quickly as possible to try and assist everyone who needs help. Once our team gets a chance to review your ticket, they’ll be sure to reply to you as soon as they can. I would also recommend waiting for our team’s reply before sending in another message as it could cause some delays. Thanks!

Over 24 hours on a query on an event that’s now finished, I still would appreciate an answer and some resolve

i’ve been waiting 3 days. i can’t login on wifi from an android phone, but i can from an iphone. can play on mobile data just fine though.

It doesn’t really encourage you to have confidence in the company does it, I have friends who are presently asking if the game is worth having etc especially at VIP , atm I really am not sure I am likely to want to recommend it as this is my first contact with customer care and it’s not encouraging me much