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No responce from staff

Just wanted to let those of you know that at least for me IiI have found the help chat (in-game) to be very unhelpful not one person replied to me and I have been waiting for days. I finally jumped onto the forum today to find my answer. Thankfully others had my same problem and the staff kind of answer here. But using the help chat got me no where.

I’m sorry that nobody responded to you in the help chat, @Del. Depending on when you sent the ticket, it might take some time as messages are responded in the order they come in. That being said, I would recommend sending an email to our support team at instead of using the in-game chat if needed in the future, as this method provides better tracking. Thank you!

I’ve tried to contact the staff through the chat (in-game) and through email but have so far got no response. I’ve messaged them on the chat a few times but nobody has answered my question. All I wanted to know was if I could get my game progress back because the app crashed the other day and my game was reset when I didn’t want it to

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