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No response from support?

I have sent multiple messages to support via the app over the past two weeks and I’ve received nothing in response. Is there some reason I’m being ignored?

I sent one but it was a pretty big thing, 0 responses as well. Just tried to post about it here but idk if it can be resolved…

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I think they’ve all gone on holiday… My son hasn’t been able to load his game since last Thursday. Had a response on Saturday, answered the questions Sunday morning (due to time difference) and nothing since. Come on, that’s almost 3 working days to sort it, or at least to tell me they’re doing something. @Ned or @Marcus what’s going on?

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I sent one support msg few weeks ago, they never replied and deleted the confirm of contact auto reply as my message included.

After that sent 3 different bugs reports and got only reply on the last one and even that was crappy “this bug is happening still if you continue playing be aware of that”.

The game is so buggy or not working, now im getting the Home bottom menu on top of my dragons at arena so I cant see their health or progress but if I contact support they either ignore me or give me 1 arena point while I am already full.

Either they dont care or cant just fix anything, anyways canceling my subscription not worth paying on a game that doesnt work whos support is not even respectful enough to answer well or at all.

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Hey ZydecoMoose, I’m sorry to hear that you have not heard back from our team yet. However, we recommend waiting for our team to reply before updating your current ticket/message, as it could reset your position in their queue.

If you could send me a private message of your support key, I would be happy to try and check on this for you.

Hey NightLight4, please rest assured that our support team is working as fast as they can to get back to everyone ASAP. Once our team gets a chance to see your message, they’ll try and respond to you soon.

Support is seriously so bogged down right now. They’ve been this way for a while, and honestly, it doesn’t seem like they’ve been given a chance to catch up since there are still delays in response times to well known bugs while more big updates to the game are dropping.

I don’t know if there’s any sort of holiday involved, but I do know that they’re doing the best they can to catch up and get to everyone as quickly as possible.

Also, to note, support isn’t actually…intended to fix bugs. That’s not their job. I mean, I’m a bit hesitant to talk about this, since I don’t know how this team is being run, and it isn’t like I haven’t heard of companies of all scales trying to get people who know coding/programming in support to help with these things, but in general, from what I’m aware, support just collects the data all neatly (if they are, like it sounds like, being meshed in with the CS specialists that deal with bug reports) and sends it on it’s way to the dev team and QA so they can work on it and implement it in-game.

Every team is different though, you always have those that decide to shake things up or just be really annoying by not following the rules and regulations that are there for a reason, PaUL (jk)

@NightLight4, I’m really sorry your son has been unable to get into the game for so long :confused: I’m sure he’s not happy about that, and of course, you as well. Is it an error code he’s getting, or just endless loading or the game just closes as soon as it opens?

@ZydecoMoose, As @Ned stated, unfortunately when you send multiple messages, i.e essentially responding to yourself, you end up bumping yourself to the back of the line. Probably because it marks itself as ‘new’, and they’re trying to help those that have been waiting longest. I’m sorry that’s happened, two weeks is certainly more than enough to become frustrating and make you feel ignored, but please be assured that once they see your message, they’ll respond as soon as they can.

@Ansqd, Same as above, I’m afraid. If all those bug reports happened to be in the same conversation, that’s probably why only the last one was responded to :confused: Totally understand the cancellation, though. But please don’t think that it’s due to a lack of respect.

I know that right now tensions are high and frustrations are mounting with the state of things, but I hope that with the release of this new hotfix, the game will even out at least a little and become more enjoyable again. Good luck, guys!

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I put in a ticket some weeks ago and am still waiting for an answer that I never received although not putting in new tickets while waiting for the reply. I‘m sorry to say that but either support is ignoring tickets or the messages in-game for support are bugged :confused:


Weeks? Plural? They’re behind but I think the absolute longest the wait should normally be is like…a week, at most. I mean, it depends on the problem too, but something’s probably up if it’s been longer than that.

I’m really sorry about that though :confused: Would you mind DM’ing Ned your support key and letting him know what’s going on? They should be able to see if your ticket was eaten and never arrived, or if it got lost, or whatever the heck is going on with it.


I understand that’s how their system works. I also know that they could also fix their system so that people who update or add to their support tickets don’t get dumped at the back of the line. It’s as simple as “sort by initial contact date” as well as “sort by longest time without Ludia action” as opposed to the current “sort by longest time without customer action.”

Because that’s what most of us are—paying customers. Those of us who are Flight Club members are spending a minimum of $120 per year on this app. Help/Support is key element of customer service, and huge delays and illogical queuing are just another hassle in a game plagued by issues.

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Yes, plural, I put in this ticket some time before the update and the message / conversation vanished within (not sure if it vanished before the update or after). There was the automatic response and I could still see my ticket for some time, then I had to do a clean reinstall because of this specific glitch I put the ticket in for to not lose more resources, maybe that caused the message to support to glitch.

Wasn‘t a big deal, I only asked for compensation because I had a bugged button while using a premium token. I clicked on „use token“, nothing happened, so I thought I didn‘t click properly and clicked again and - poof - my token and 400 runes were gone, no confirmation window popped up although it was activated and I got only 1 dragon as far as I know (of course a 3 star). Biggest thing is that I could never even accidentally hit the confirmation button for giving runes away because the draft button is in a whole different place, meaning the glitch definitely skipped the confirmation window.

So yeah, I tried to put this ticket in to get (some of) my runes back, they were saved for B&B event and that was about to start in 4-5 days back then - but I had to make it without help from support and I did it, I worked hard to gather my runes back and got my copy.
So I don‘t really care anymore, for me it‘s not worth putting this much effort in, I would‘ve needed the runes two (?) weeks ago - I tried to avoid all that stress of having to gather runes this furiously since I got a real life going on, but this glitch caused my effort to be done almost in vain.


Not long after I posted here I had a response. I know they’re not on holiday I was joking. I am quite certain they get inundated with tickets! Just venting. My son gets an endless loading screen after a freeze when trying to change clans.

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I get the frustration. There could be a multitude of reasons why they do things in that order that we’re not aware of. Maybe, for whatever reason, they’re not allowed to change it. Or, maybe they do need to update how they handle their tickets, and have the ability to do so, but that’s still neither here nor there because as of right now, that’s now how it’s being done.

I don’t like the backlog either, for the sake of the people working in support, and for the sake of those playing a game riddled with bugs that is still being updated with new features that I really, personally, don’t think should be a priority right now.

But, as I’ve said before, and I’ll say again; if you feel like this game is not worth the money, or up to your standards, do not pay for it. That’s probably not something they want to hear, but I’m going to be honest. No one is forcing you to pay for flight club. Subscriptions and sales and all that should be going towards supporting a game you enjoy. If you are not enjoying it, if you are miserable and feel the developers are not listening to the community or doing their jobs in providing a product of exceptional quality, close your wallet. If they want to keep this game running, the consumers can’t be the only ones bearing the burden here.

In the meantime, please try to keep in mind that as frustrating as this all is, as fed up as everyone is getting, the support team is still comprised of human beings. They’re working within the constraints they’re given. They’re just doing their jobs, and they’re doing the best they can right now.


:confused: Dang. I’m not 100% positive but I’m pretty certain that the reinstall would have wiped your ticket. Whenever I had to do a reinstall all my support messages were deleted. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had one in the queue.

For a premium token I, personally, would submit another ticket. Because then at least, even if you’re not bothered about getting it back, you’ll have a pleasant surprise for when they are able to get back to you. But, at the same time, I know you’ve said you’re just kind of tired of dealing with all of this to begin with. I really am sorry @Bee, it’s a lame situation all around. If I could gift you the runes or the token myself, I would.


Oh good! I’m glad someone got back to you, then. I understand the venting :wink: it isn’t as if I havn’t done it myself here.

I hope you’re able to get things up and running soon!

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So @Mysterious you are saying that if I make 3 bug reports the support team cant read the whole message and only replies to one and that is ok and normal?

I work in customer service and if I would do that I would get fired but good to know in your company that flies with ok.


If I understood everything correctly, that‘s not what @Mysterious said. All that has been said was that tickets are served by waiting time and sending a new ticket would set that time back. All tickets get answered, but your position in the queue is defined by the last ticket you put in.


Not my company, I don’t work for them. And from what I’m aware, that’s not how it works. I believe it’s more along the lines of, they receive a ticket, it’s in the queue. Someone updates it by adding onto it, and since they go through tickets in order received so that there’s a shorter wait time for each individual, your updated ticket now reads as being newer, and is kicked back to the end of the line by the system.

I’ve worked in CS too. Pretty sure many people have. What counts as a fireable offense is a massive gray area, but these people doing their jobs is not one of them.


In my opinion the problem is not the support itself but the massive number of bugs that really affect gameplay combined with the handling of tickets that devs chose for this game. As long as these bugs aren‘t fixed or fixed and replaced by new ones, support is used for bug reporting and compensating as there is no other option for players.
It’s easiest to use in-game reporting for sure. So there would be numerous possibilities to make things easier for support and players, such as

  • fixing bugs instead of pushing out new content (especially big new features like Arena)
  • giving the possibility to create new conversations for new issues / messages
  • creating different contact options for bugs and non-bugs-topics, maybe even provide to choose one topic out of a few for bug reports (like “Alpha energy lost” or similar, so support already knows what a ticket is about)

And it’s so sad that I even had to think of option no. 3 and noticed it would be very helpful for support to get things sorted.


Presume your position isn’t reset if you are replying to someone from support on an active ticket?

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