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No response to failed(but PAID) transaction

Several days ago I purchased a Special Bundle (runes + dragon), for $16.99. When I returned to the program after the tranasction was completed, the program crashed out. No runes, no dragon.

But the money is gone from my account… Sent a message to the appropriate (dragonsemail, giving my ref no, and inclduing a copy of the receipt from Google play. Got a polite autobot messge, and then complete silence.

NOT happy. You guys have had a full week to respond, but nothing. This isn’t rocket science, and my grand-daughter is quite upset after I had told her what she could expect - that’s not a nice letdown…

I now see I am not alone… I’d suggest a prompt reply might be in order.

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Hey Chrlzs, has our team gotten back to you? If you’re still waiting for a reply, could you send me a private message of your support key so I can take a look for you?


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Thanks Ned, but yesterday I finally received the missing items. This took about 2 weeks to resolve… I work with electronic transactions, and we process any errors same or next day at latest. Not impressed. Will probably not do any further in game purchases.