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No return today?

Well that’s sad :cry::disappointed_relieved::sleepy:, I was hoping for more Fei

Yessssss! Her update was so short. :sob: Hopefully we get some new chapters next week.

Looks like I’ll dive into one of the other females if there isn’t any female updates

I’m just getting through the ten or so matches I have left then I’ll probably reset and focus on the characters I liked or counterparts I wanted instead.

Curious how much choices actually effect the story for most of the characters.

Today Charlie/Jake/Zayn was updated. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be Eveline/Jade or Fei :crossed_fingers:

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I must have missed that ugh I’ve about had it waiting

I only know who get updated thanks to a Facebook group I’m in. If it weren’t for the group announcements, I’d only know when my matches get updated.
And the waiting is infuriating. :angry: Luckily, I’ve had other things to keep me occupied.

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Yeah same for me as well

Ahhh. Makes sense. He is one of my ten uncompleted. :joy: