No reward in lythronax tournament

I think there was an inconvenience to receiving the reward for that tournament. Since at the end of the tournament I didn’t get any envelopes. He was in a league down from dominator. However at the end of the tournament I did not receive any about .

It is worth mentioning that you enter the game after the end of the tournament

Do you have to be in the game when the tournament is about to end to receive the reward?

At other times when I enter the game I get the message “You received these items while you were not” But on this occasion it was not like this.

Is there any way to claim the prize I won in the tournament or just tap to wait for the next tournament ?

I’m waiting for a possible answer. I’m sorry if there’s any inconvenience in explaining myself. I’m using a translator.

Thank you

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Something similar happened to others in former tournaments. Normally you don’t have to be in the game when it ends to get your reward.
You should contact Ludia support.

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Thank you for the response, proceed to contact directly the ludia support.

Nice day

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Good luck.