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No schedule?

I’m going to assume the schedule (presumably for July 4th) is coming soon


Ooh, some strange US holiday! That usually gives us a unique or so.


Just announced that it will be posted tomorrow.

A strange us holiday indeed. Just Independence Day, that’s all


Watch them give us indoraptor as the Unique Attempt :rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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No if they do give us this it would have to be Gemini and koolab cause red white and blue

For those of you who think “strange us holiday”, it marks the day America broke away from the tyranny of Britain and is proly the biggest holiday celebrated in only America

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You don’t find it strange to celebrate something that happened 244 years ago? hides

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Ig it’s kinda a custom around the world and pretty much every country has a national day even if it was so long ago

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Us Americans always hold to the past. And never the future
Example? Flying cars.


You’re confusing me but yeah. I think we should still celebrate it bc it’s more of a fun tradition now

it may be a july 4th celebration for the US, but let’s not forget Canada’s holiday that same week.

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What about European independence day? That’s only 75 years ago :slight_smile:


Yeah, but Europe is only good for Ludia to spend money on them. Who ever cared about our holidays :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

I would like to know what that holiday is, please?

Here’s last year calender:

Don’t mind those wrong creature icons

Never enough of Erliko DNA

Gallimus is one of the event dinos 36 attempts so it may be identical?
1 step Friendly level “firework” strike too.

At least they got the graphics right this year …

Same boring lineup as last year. No imagination in this company.

and here’s this week :joy: