No signs of Parasaurolophus Lux

Bug Description: Parasaurolophus Lux (PL in further text) has been out for a while now, but I have still not seen it. As I understand this should be Short Range spawn in any area (at night). Talking with guys from several alliances it seems like some people can see PL, but most can’t. Can you please fix this? And keep in mind that most of players are still confined to their living quarters, because of COVID. I would be very happy with having scent (that you can get from Strike towers for example) that would produce PL.

Area is was found in: ?

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play the game

How often does it happen: Always

What type of device are you using: Android 9/10

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It’s out there, you just gotta find it

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Well, they even made Para show up during the day too. So it’s at least easier than at night.

I’ve noticed that, for me, it hasn’t spawned until I’ve had the game open for about 20 minutes (continuous) and have been out hunting. I’m sure others have seen it sooner, but for me its always about 20 minutes of straight playing and not closing the app before I see it.

For some people they find it regularly. For others like me, it’s easier to find a 4 leaf clover


Little bit hard in lockdown.

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I got lots, need some?

Not seen it and I have VIP have game on lots at different times tried different methods but due to strict lockdown measures cannot go out hunting so agree a scent should be able to attract it or it be made a feature creature in a strike tower etc

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So para lux spawns after traveling so much distance (what that amount is, I can’t tell you cuz even my Amber club rep didn’t have that information). So essentially you could walk up and down your street and do long as you have proximity spawn locations on your street, you will eventually run across a para lux. If you aren’t in map mode when you hit the distance range where it’ll spawn and then reset, then you will miss out on it.

Since it has been released I have only seen it once. I didn’t get a chance to dart it because it appeared then disappeared. (this was during the day time)

wait wot when?

I haven’t seen one or a Megisto no matter where I go, even since their release.

I never saw 1 since the update came out, this spawn of short reaches is a useless invention, considering that it is a more useless legendary creature, why? You do not do an event with this creature Ludia, so that we can all see it, there are those who have a lot of DNA from this creature, and then there are the others like for example I who have never seen one.


Shortly after the new update. There was a post about it where people noted that you can get it at anytime now. Although it being a short range spawn is still a hastle.

Short range spawns have been introduced probably at the worst possible time. Night only short range spawns were nonsensical and have at least been removed. I still haven’t seen it once and I am on easily 6 hours a day. For obvious reasons, I will not be going out to hunt it to avoid contaminating, being contaminated or being fined… If that’s the only creature undiscovered for my collection, so be it!

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I have 4311 dna for it so its very much out there. But really hard to find. It spawns in your inner circle but i still found all of them while driving.

Haven’t seen a single one yet.
That said, I don’t be out walking much as my country has hit record numbers of coronavirus and we’re in the highest level of lockdown now.
I value the public health more than I value Para Lux.



I’ve found a few :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::innocent::upside_down_face::wink:

Haven’t found any yet, but I can’t go out because of lockdown. When I did have to go out (doctor’s appointment), I still didn’t find one.

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