No Sinoceratops Strike on my map

I can’t see the Sinoceratops strike on my map…does anyone else have the same problem?

Nope not one

Nowhere to be seen…

Was just about to say the same. People are saying on discord gamepress no one can find one

@moderators any idea

Thanks for reporting this to us, everyone! I’m checking with our team. :thinking:


The amount of screw ups in this game lately is baffling


Same for me I don’t see any on my map :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

What do you mean by lately? I do not understand.


Thank you for the fast reply. I hope the team can fix it soon :slight_smile:

It’s happened recently where the epic strike towers are super rare.
It’s really bad form of Ludia to make the good stuff so rare that people either miss out or need to go out searching over long distances during a global pandemic…


Can we have a least one week without any issues ?
And with 2.3 coming probley the next few weeks I dread to think what that will cause .

Looks like they’re on the map now if you restart.


None for me. And I thought ceramagnus was going to be up for raid today. Never saw it this week.

New boss comes on the 26th and the strike is now back on the map

Got them now, thanks

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