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No sinoceratops?


why the bloody hell?
(oh, ludia also forgot about ankylosaurus…)

come on, ludia
you know what we need…


Well to be fair they already gave us theee or four weeks with Sino so…:slight_smile:

I also desperately need Sino for me Thor, but she‘s weekly dino next week.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had so many dinosaurs in it, they couldn’t possibly add all of them to just one event, just the most iconic. Sinoceratops is quite a frequent epic dinosaur appearing in Zone 1, try running a couple of epic scents in this area.


Well I haven‘t seen wild Sinos since 1.5 eventho I‘m driving through Z1 every day.


I live in L1, outside of events, I’ve seen maybe 3 in the wild in 6 months.

I’ve seen more outside of L1 than IN local 1.


i believe this was the last falling kingdom week… so its n improvement


Apparently its their turn to be global this week. Good luck everybody.


This week she’s the dino


They could have at least added useful rares lol


Why add triceratops Gen 2 when triceratops has a better hybrid/ better stats
EDIT: Dracoceratops is everywhere now


Luckily I caught 2 Sino within an hour today, but last time I found a Sino was 2 weeks ago.


just drove 20 miles and ran an epic scent…didn’t see any sinoceratops but a few Conca frogs

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Oh that’s why one spawn in another local than 1 ^^


Found 4 sinos today, thanks to the event :sweat_smile:


Trike Gen II were featured in Jurassic World. Gen I were seen in Jurassic Park. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Seems like I also can’t find any Sino. Travelled 20+ miles, was out in snow for 2 hours+. And spent most of the time in zone-1 but no sino.

Is Ludia actually increased Sino spawn for this week?

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If its anything like the gypro so called spawns no


Instead of zero Sino. I saw more than 5 Baryonyx today lol.
It might be another super rare spawn just like gypro last week


Still zero Sino, seems that they want us to lure the Dino with money