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No solution to remove sanctuary hackers from the game

Still don’t understand what you’re trying to say but never mind.

You may not like it … but @KillerRaptors has no karma coming from that deal. He had 100% permission from one of the co op partners to share that sanctuary. Don’t forget, it belonged to TeamTexas too.



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Lisa it was more like you placed a dino as member of Michigan Monsters, left the alliance, went back to Team Texas and used your access to take over. Then gave Killer Raptors access (when the sanc was already level 20) and they came on the forum and claimed to do the work.

You think that 2 alliances are incapable of fairly cooperating to create a high level sanctuary? Why?

Read the link I posted above. All posts.

That post proves nothing, it’s just a bunch of people blaming of stealing.
You really care so much about a game mechanic that is designed for sharing, that people share it?
All alliances who helped create a level 20 sanctuary benefit from it. False advertising or not, no one has any downsides. But putting low level stuff in it by spoofing in order to prevent a sanctuary to level up, that’s just bullying.
But really, nothing is proven, only people angry at each other. I don’t know why you guys can’t resolve a very simple and unimportant issue. It’s just a sanctuary.


So Team Texas is as greasy as Killer Raptors. You had problem with only one member and you decided to avenge everything on many others as well. @RiverrattQ

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All I’m saying its just karma and funny to me that this happens to Prof k

If you guys have issues with each other then please fight it out elsewhere. It’s just a game.

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Getting real close to name and shame here guys, may I suggest we move on.

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@J.C Sorry, I’ll stay in line. Just want to defend @KillerRaptors when they were accused of “stealing” when in fact they did not.


Unfortunate that you had to deal with that @KillerRaptors. Locking a sanctuary would be a solution to fix that issue. However, like some people like @Alejandro_B said: Sanctuaries are meant to be a shared thing for everyone. I for one like to pop some dinos in lower sanctuaries when we are building up our L20 sanc with GamePress, Ubetjurassican, Sand Dunes and Kelliance to help other players out. I just don’t know if locking a public service like sanctuaries would be the best way to prevent this, but I agree that some cases of just hopping into a sanc to ‘steal’ it are not acceptable.

Lisa, forgive me if I’m being stupid here, but if you share a sanctuary and you want another player to get in, wouldn’t it be more useful and better for everyone if everyone involved agreed to letting someone else in? That way potential drama between alliances could be prevented. Again, apologies if I’m being stupid here, was just curious.

You learn as you go, and yes that is definitely the way it should work.
We recently began a new co op partnership and I told the partners (rather asked them) if they had an issue with sharing the L20 once it was created.

In the above situation I didn’t do that, but I was asked if it could be shared to which I said yes. Like I said, we learn as we go.
In the above talked about situation… I am the one to blame for giving permission, not @KillerRaptors for stealing.

Not sure exactly what’s happening here, doesn’t sound like spoofing at all.

Sounds more like the problem is conspiring to share sanctuaries by alliance hopping.

Neither of those scenarios seem legit to me, but the latter isn’t specifically against the rules. Maybe it should be.

Bottom line, if you’re playing with flexible rules, don’t get bent when someone bends your rules, or it doesn’t work out exactly like you hoped.


That is very well said :clap:


I think the original discussion of spoofing a sanctuary to steal it, got side tracked to an issue of sharing a completed sanctuary. I was involved in that sharing process, so I spoke up.

As it stands now a lot of alliances “seem” to be working together to create L20 Sancs and then share those with friend alliances. It gives everyone involved more access to different dinos, and when it’s cooperative between alliances it really is a cool thing.


Good morning. You are on the help and support section. The original message was intended for ludia. My inbox is open for all your other concerns regarding my post.

The best thing to do now is to trade sanctuaries. You will have all the dinos you will ever need and small stuff won’t bother you. Sanctuaries 5,6,7+ coming soon.


Holy moly! Give me a few of those sanctuaries :slight_smile:

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