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No Sonora hybrid pursuit?

As far as i know nobody has found Sonorasaurus. Hybrid pursuit is just not working properly!
Also many players has already wasted epic scents. I am also one of them. This is just unacceptable.

Plus Ludia even shortened this non existing hybrid pursuit, which is even more fun :rofl: (4 days instead of 7)

Can you guys please keep an eye on it? Thank you in advance @Ned


yeah. haven’t seen one and i didn’t see any scolosaurus last week either. Def broken.


They are non-existing. Anyone popping epic scent for them should demand compensation.


I haven’t seen Sonora or scolo as well. I don’t care tho, unlocked skoona yesterday thanks to epic requests

I’ve not seen one either. They truly are extinct…

Hey DPG members, I have brought this up with our team! I’ll be sure to provide an update if I hear anything from our team.

Thank you.


I didn’t see a single Scolo last week either. Every hybrid pursuit there’s issues with them not spawning half the time, or they start spawning 3 days into the pursuit, usually because we pointed it out to Ludia.

They do nothing to fix it, which is why I gave up caring about hybrid pursuits. Why care about something Ludia doesn’t care about?


i was looking forward to this one. skoona is the last hybrid i need and i was hoping to get a good number of sono. i still need 750 dna for lv 20.

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The last 2 weeks have felt like the hybrid pursuit wasn’t activated. I wouldn’t be surprised if this week was botched as well. Hopefully someone can post evidence of a Sonora in the wild, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up.


I actually did find some Scolosaurus last week.

No sight of Sonora though

I only saw scolosaurus spawn in its regular local area. I didn’t find any of them in a place they don’t normally spawn anyway.

Hey DPG members, rest assured the team is investigating reports of issues with Hybrid Pursuit spawns for certain players. Your patience and support is appreciated!


“for certain players”

you mean like everyone in production?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


We are in third week of Koola pursuit. :grin::rofl:
Whole last week stayed Koola pursuit.

Hope they can fix it soon.

These past 3 weeks have been un utter failure, and a joke. The fact we are on week 4 of NO pursuit is just embarassing for the company. How do you not know that the pursuits have been absent? This was brought up in threads before as well, so it isn’t like it was never mentioned. This one just carries the most weight, as everybody needs Skoona


I never even got too koola, I’m still in eucla pursuit!

No Sonorasaurus shows up since yesterday. Wake up Ludia your event nonexist

I see lots of Koola, even without pursuit. Euclado became extremely rare in last two weeks.

Can ludia run some kind of search in their servers to see how many Sonora’s have been darted this week? I’d bet my game ID that it’s at 0.