No sound after 2.17

Since the recent update dropped I get no sound from the game. I’ve turned sound off and back on again, and restarted the app numerous times but there is no sound. On a few rare occasions when I’ve been playing for maybe half an hour to an hour, it will suddenly turn back on for a few minutes.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Yeah. Darting is when it happens most.

Now that you mention in, I recall not hearing any sound at times although I generally play without it especially when doing raids playing 4 accounts. Usually when I’m out walking and listening to a radio app or a youtube video, I can usually faintly hear the game in the background a little and this is where I noticed I wasn’t hearing the game.

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This game has sound??? :rofl:


At least for raiding I hear it plenty. Unsure about much else, but raids yeah

I dont get it on darting, raids or arena battles. Theres not even any background noise when im on the main map.

I turn the music off but i like playing with sound effects. Adds to the enjoyment and immersion of the game.