No Sound from JWA when Bluetooth is on


I wonder if anyone else is having this issue. When my phone is paired to my car via Bluetooth i can hear the game through my car’s speakers. Cool. Once i leave my car, the game sounds are gone and i can’t hear anything until i return to my car. I have restarted my phone several times to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.


Hey xilduc3x, try turning off the Bluetooth setting on your phone because it might be connecting to other Bluetooth devices around the area. Also, make sure that the Music and SFX options in the game are on, take a look at our FAQ here:

If you still can’t hear anything in the game, contact our support team, and they might be able to help you. Email them here at with your support key.



I followed the steps you suggested and I didn’t get the sound back from my device. I thought an iOS update and a JWA update would fix, but to no avail. Other apps like YouTube work just fine outside and inside my vehicle.
Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help thus far.


Hey xilduc3x, I’m sorry if those steps didn’t help and I’m not too sure what might be causing the issue. The last thing I can think of is going into the Settings of your device, select the JW Alive app, and make sure that the Sounds option is enabled in the “Notifications” tab. Also, make sure that you have all the Sounds enabled on your device Settings as well. If you still have an issue, contact our support team and they might be able to provide you with further assistance.


I figured out why the sound on my device keeps cutting out. Iphones have a switch on the side that silences the ringer when activated. When i activate the switch which silences the ringer, the game’s sound is gone. When I deactivate the switch, the sound comes back. Not sure why game sounds are tied to the ringer on ios devices though. Hopes this helps your dev team.