No Speed Boosts?

Not the announced Speed Boosts Strike Tower and no Speed Boosts in the shop

I seen one then it dissapeared

I was relieved as speed boost tower would mean multiple speed boosts sold in store.

I dont see the strike tower for the boosts at all…do we have one? They showed it for Wed…they always put out the boosts in the store before I get paid…grrr. Fri is payday

Attack boost tower is out

I was expecting a speed tower as well. Seems like they had it on a rotating schedule every Wednesday. The 12th was Attack, the 19th was HP and today should have been Speed. It even was showing speed on the FB post but I now see they updated it at some point…

I did one that said speed and then I checked later to boost speed and it gave me attack instead. It was advertised as speed and was 100% a speed boost when I did the strike this morning as soon as it popped up.


Yeah they changed it to attack, but the didn’t tweet out the change until after people raised the issue. :roll_eyes: