No Speed Stat Trial on map

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Bug Description: In theory there should have been Speed Stat Trials apearing over the map on the 8th of February. There is absolutely none. I can’t move around because I’m in quarantine so can’t be entirely sure, but the fact that I can’t see a single one even in the far distance makes me think I’m right. But even if I’m not right it’s infuriating that one of the best strike events is so rare, that I can’t even see it anywhere. Yesterday’s events are now gone, so I won’t be able to do it now anyway, but I’m still really not happy about this. Again…

Area is was found in: On the map

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Launching the game

How often does it happen: Consistently

What type of device are you using: Android, but I think the problem was also elsewhere.

Anything else?
I know I reported this late, I just checked before 16:00 am why I see only 3 events on the map when usually there is 4. I hope this helps prevent future instances of this nit happening, and I’d also be happy to see some compensation (like the 25 speed boost I would’ve got).

Hey there, profden. I believe the Speed Boosts Strike should have been on Monday (Feb 7th). May I ask if you were able to locate them on that date?

I had one on the event schedule too but didn’t find it on the map either. I’m guessing the schedule in game was wrong which seems to happen quite a bit.

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It was showing the speed stat strike on Monday and on Tuesday in the news section. I wasn’t able to locate it on Tuesday and honestly can’t recall if I had done it on Monday or not.

Sorry for the late response. Sadly I can’t recall if I encountered it on Monday or not, but maybe it was that then.