No stat boosts resets

So Ludia said there would be (correct me if I’m wrong) stat boost resets in future passes. Well this is the 3rd pass…no stat boost resets in sight (at least non for free, Idk if there’s any for money). Why can’t we get more of these “big feature” items!!!

Because JWA is run by a bunch of money grabbers who pander to the whales of the game and have 0 interest in what f2p players think
The tokens have been in one alliance championship and one season pass. Doubt we’ll see them again until towards the end of the year :upside_down_face:


Yeah if anyone had any doubts it’s pretty clear Ludia isn’t gonna be giving many opportunities for these tokens because they want you to be forced to decide buy more boosts when they nerf something out of the meta.


Those tokens are stupid. Hard to get by, indeed one time in a championship and 1 time in the pass, only to buy it complete for 60 euros…

Its just a farce. Ludia keeps changing dinos, changing meta etc. Change stats of 1 creature means also another one can be more usefull or less usefull.

They must do a boost reset anytime soon, hopefully when they go to 3.0.

Otherwise they must make the tokens easier to get, and not by paying a lot of money.