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No strike event today

Not a single strike event at all here!
No boost strike.
Just loads of green stops

Can’t find the regular strike tower today.

Yesterday as well.

Lots of Green drops which are fine for coins. Only if the same was the case during the Irritator event.

When the Rare dinos are thrash, the Green drops will be everywhere. When the Rare dinos are useful ones, all the Green drops will go missing…:joy:…

It’s crazy isn’t it?


New normal maybe…? :joy:…

Balance? :grin::joy:

Have boosts strike close, just normal strike vanished under green drops.


I only see stat boost strikes, and tons of them. No single step strike towers anywhere in sight.

I haven’t even got stat boost towers so think yourself lucky!

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From my current location…

That Trike got bitten by Allo…:joy:…


Hope you got all FTs from regular drops already @Schtemty .

Anyone needs the boost strike there are 7 of them visible from my house.

I think the green stop strategy is they will flood the map with green stops until we ask for them to be toned down.

This is farcical, nothing but green stops and yet ironically only 2 are within the 150m of me.

Then we won’t find green drops at all again. :joy:

Wow. Same here. Missing one strike yesterday and now another is missing today. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about tomorrow as well.

But they listened to us!

How can Eviction have 7 and I have not one single one in sight?

Well i only have like 7 green stops and you seem to have all green stops.

I barely found one regular yesterdays strike before reset today, while had many 5 step and rare strikes in sight. Its raining all day here, so it was great to walk around with umbrella searching for strike tower.

Have 5 or 6 boost strikes in sight too.

I used to think the maps were 100% algorithm based… but i feel like algoriths would balance the distribution out more.

Some of those screen shots look like they were done by a disgruntled employee who was muttering “want green stops, ill give you green stops” while manually changing the map.