No support during weekends - Ludia must compensate

There’s no support at all during weekends yet forum moderation is active, lol.

This is not tollerable for a Company which sells new toons for more than the cost of an AAA rated PS4 game.

Many of us haven’t been able to either PvP or PvE during this weekend and we lost a lot of time trying to understand if the bug was fixed (of course, not).

[Edit] additional compensation for players who bought books!

No mention of the bug too from Ludia…seriously?

VIPs pay a regular fee. This month they have lost 1/15th of this fee and, more valuable, their time trying to play. The same for non VIP players.

Ludia, we do expect a relevant compensation and excuses for this.


I rarely agree with you, but today, you are right Fiz.

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Agreed @Fizbanius

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@Padma I understand that, very often I disagree with myself too :rofl::rofl:

Agree. Frustrating weekend

This is truly unacceptable. Not being able to play in days, even if you manage to enter the game it automatically knocks you out. I hope they resolve this issue fast.

Agree with @Fizbanius that this needs to be addressed. At the very least we should hear back from @Ludia_Developers that they’re working towards a solution. Most companies would make the fact their game has been unplayable for several days a priority to fix! A software rollback perhaps until server issues are sorted?

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I loose many trophy. Points for this problem…every disconetting loose 30/40 point…inaccettabile!

I also lost 50% of my 3days gold book (800 gems) because, in my case, PvE is also amost unplayable!


It’s not the real world $ of the VIP this is costing me, it’s the rewards I expect in game that are the real cost. 3 failed free challenges of Heartcoil Deeps is 1350 gold. I don’t dare run Warrior Draft or Hidden Forge. That’s who knows how much gear and gold. Fair compensation to me would be a ton of gems or packs and a legendary.

It’s clear that they’re running a skeleton crew, and pathetically enough there seems to be literally no tech support on weekends. I understand typical businesses operate on a 9am-5pm weekday only schedule, but not software developers that provide games to be enjoyed 24/7 including weekends (that some folks pay real money for). Totally unacceptable.

We also already know that the only active moderator on these forums works weekdays only (he stated this himself). Taking 30 seconds out of his busy weekend schedule seems to be well beyond his paygrade, as do many other things apparently.

Look to see things “clear up” early on Monday once this ragtag operation makes it back into the office and reboots the servers.

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Well, 'tis bad and you can tell it’s bad when lots of people make the effort to join the forums just to complain.

Absolutely ridiculous. I have lost free runs and books that was the reward of the one game and allowed free runs for an hour. Only got to use it once before the whole thing crashed again. Wasted my time and my in game credit.
Was considering VIP last month. So glad I didn’t.

Maybe we need to start posting on the forums of the games they actually pay attention to.

Or provide reviews.

I just checked the most recent reviews on iOS. I’ve never seen so many “recent” reviews on a game. So many new players have loaded and tried this game. I scrolled through hundreds of reviews going back 6 months. They are littered with complaints of players leaving the game due to connection issues, but praising the game. Of course I have been here during this time and can empathize with what they are saying. I think this is a great game too. I expected Ludia would be able to put together and maintain the software engineers and support required of a game of this quality and of a company of their size and resources. I am definitely losing patience and losing hope.

I have never seen a companies’ devs provide absolutely no communication with their player base during a serious software malfunction like this. Not a single announcement.


Absolutly with you Baladir. No communication, but prices I can buy original games with goodies and whatever…Sorry we are closed on weekends is no excuse. I‘m looking for a new game, any suggestions…?

No suggestions here as I don’t care for others and am going to keep playing this regardless. But asking about it on here is actually one sure fire way to get their attention (when they’re back on Monday), and for them to subsequently shadow ban you for discussing other games.

I signed up for this forum just now to complain. I have played this game for over a year and spent hundreds of dollars on it. I just purchased the new character and a gear pack for her and haven’t been able to play since! I am beyond frustrated and Ludia…you will be seeing a request for a full refund and you are losing a faithful player and spender. I cant believe there has been 0 communication on this issue. If you would have just posted an update that you are working on it or basically anything at all, I would not be walking away cause I love this game. But I am done dealing with your customer service!

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