No T Rex at all

@Ulfhednar It is fun to see them this much. Don’t know where to look sometimes tbh. They are popping out everywhere hahaha… btw, where u located anyway? U mind if im asking…

one of the most rural areas in Franconia, Germany ^^

Awww that brought a tear to my eye.

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That’s one cat whose belly I would not like to rub.

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your namesake gets a bad rap sometimes, and people seem to neglect her more altruistic side - i have no idea why.

though, if i had to hazard a guess, its because of all the ripping and the tearing and the consuming of flesh and such.


If we are on same level… so you catching a lot then? Here in Montreal, Sinoceratops and Ankylo are seems pretty rare… hows about urs there?

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someone bought them and moved them to washington dc - it happens sometimes.

Ohh… better other dinos… not those :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’m living in Area L4 and haven’t seen an Ankylosaurus for weeks :joy:
Sinoceratops I’ve seen two weeks ago I think.

I think we’re on same zone. Need to travel to get some dinos on different zone. I got Sino today of 120dna but got 20dna fusing to Utahsinorapthor :frowning: Not lucky…

Finally Rexy showed up! But I had to go for the tail I only got 73 DNA.
At least, my Indominus is at 110. :relaxed:

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You know ive had a LOT of luck getting Rexy from using those Halloween incents!

But hang in there, you will get it soon enough! I myself am working on Indoraptor, and after getting a 50 today (and a 10) im just 60 away!

Praying for a 60+ next fuse lol

Yeah I did think about bying those scents and using them at day but 200 Dollars…the risk of only getting useless stuff is too big for me.

That’s the town where I work. L3 Typical :sweat_smile:

@Ulfhednar is there a lot of dinos appeared here? Btw, wanna add you as my friends here, username and # please? :slight_smile:

1 million in coins??? How the heck did u save up that lol

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If your spawns are mostly useless, you can save them ^^
I also bought mostly coins with my cash.

Spawning recently is really in a short supply. Ulfhednar 3548

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Added! Thank u :ok_hand:

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Ahhh, sorry! I accidently removed you… Just add me again. These buttons are ridiculously small. I am accidently adding previous opponents on a regular basis :see_no_evil:

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