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No T-rex with the VIP pass

Hi ! I bought the vip pass ( for a month) but no rex… what i have to do please ?

Hey Ichigo62370, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to assist you further. :slight_smile:

Thx ! But the mail don’t work for me …:confused:

Our support team can also be reached in-game. Tap on the gear icon on the upper left corner of the screen and then tap “Help & Support”. Once you are in the Help & Support menu, tap on the Support option and select “Contact Us” on the upper right corner.

Thank you ! :smile:

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I’m sorry but is that normal if their is no answer 1h / 1h 30 later ? Sry but i’m a bit scared because I bought the VIP pass for the T-rex :sob:

It could take some time for our team to get to your message. However, please rest assured that our team will do their best to try and assist you. :slight_smile:

The sad fact is that it may take 5 business days


So their is nothing i can do to get my rex exept waiting ?

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Still no help :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey Ichigo62370, I’m sorry to hear that you have not received a response from our team yet. Once our support team gets a chance to see your message, they will try to get back to you ASAP.

In the meantime, please make sure to not reply to your email before our team responds, as it could reset your position in their queue.

Sadly nothing you can do but wait. Ludia’s support is really pathetic, most companies try to respond to customers within 24 hours. They often take over a week.

Okay thx … you don’t have any information about the time I have to wait ?