No thanks for the new event

I usually appreciate the challenge events. I want to give the feedback that this one is terrible and I won’t participate beyond the free tries. First of all, I am desperate to finish my collection of epic (not to mention legendary) gear. There is some I really want. Some of my characters are stuck using rare items. My wizard can’t find a range 3 attack or spell. None of those that I really want are among the 4epic items you chose as rewards for this event.

Second of all, Hidden Forge is probably the worst of the challenges. All of them are boring and dull to the point of irritation but Hidden Forge takes so long. I can farm the Sharpstone keep challenge and be bored for 4minutes. It is unlikely I will get any gear that I want but I will get gold and XP. I can also farm Hidden Forge and it is equally unlikely that I will get any gear I want but it will take me almost 30 minutes of tedious boredom. It is true that I will earn 3 times the gold and XP but it takes almost 9 times longer and isn’t fun.

I have tried farming Hidden Forge when one of the rewards is one of the epic items I still don’t have. In that case I spend 30 minutes and still never roll the one number to get what I want.

Please restrict future events to Sharpstone Keep. Frostsilver mines is ok, but still boring and takes longer than the keep.

That is my feedback on this and future events.

I disagree, you just happen to be at a point where you can do hidden forge, but not where it’s “easy and quick”.

I like the change off of sharpstone and frostsilver as long as the gear is good. I agree most of the gear isn’t ones I want much (other than D20), but I don’t mind hidden forge.

On the flip side, having every event take place in Sharpstone keep will continue to be trivial to players that are at higher lvs, and not worth playing. Many players like to be challenged.

Not every event will be for every player. With my party ranging lv 11 to 15, I’m less inclined to play the Sharpstone and frostsilver events because I can have more fun and reap better rewards by running the regular version of Harvestsheild or Heartcoil.

It sounds like you’re not having fun playing the challenges. I suggest multi-tasking farming challenges with watching a TV show or listening to a podcast.

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By the very nature of the challenges they are dull and repetitive. You are by definition doing something you have already done and doing it over and over again. The explorer part of the game is where the challenge comes. And with that, at level level four and again about level 10 you hit a wall where you cannot progress without hours and hours of boring mindless farming. There is no extra challenge in farming the Forge, it simply takes far longer and more attention. One of the reasons I dislike it so much is that I can’t just sit and watch TV while I do it like I can with the others. It is a very poorly designed feature of the game. And the rewards are not better. An economist ran a statistical analysis. Factoring in the chance you get each number, the value of gems and equipment and the cost to start the challenge. If you can get all three dice, Sharpstone pays out 1.7, Frostsilver pays out 1.5 and the Forge pays out 1.1. If you also factor in the time factor, there is no reason to ever run any others unless you think you will be lucky enough to get that 5% chance to get the one roll you wanted for a specific piece of equipment.

The only reason I hate hidden forge is because the game STILL CRASHES ON THE BOSS.

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@Cptmak you have a difficult decision to make, glad it you not me :slight_smile: