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No Thursday/Friday epic strike tower


If I’m correct there should be Thursday/Friday epic strike tower with 5 battles. I haven’t seen one as of yet. Anyone else having this problem too?


Should appear in about 5 hours - its Friday to Sunday


I’m not talking about the final one for this week. There is another gold incubator that should be available on Thursday and Friday. See the attached picture.


Ah - I have seen that one out there - only one though in a very wide area


I usually see all strike events in my area but this week I’ve had a lot of problems finding them…


I agree - if it wasn’t for the chart I would probably have missed one or two as there hasn’t been a single one in visual range.


The only one I have seen is in the middle of a very busy street so I can’t exactly stop to attempt it. Hopefully I find another one that is a little more accessible. If not, this might be the first week I don’t complete all of them.


I seen 2 last night, both in places where it was impossible to get to. I drove around thinking there will be one somewhere and had no luck. Hoping when I go to town later today i will find one. Kinda frustrating!

On a good note I found an area to take the atv to when it warms up :blush:


I can see a lot more now that the scent tower or whatever tower is gone


5 steps strike tower is in the game, but it’s not epic.

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One popped up in view within the last hour :smile:


Hey there, @cainshiro, you should totally have been able to see a Rare Strike event near you between 10 a.m. EST on Thursday and 9 a.m. EST on Friday, but if you would like for our support team to take a closer look at things then you can contact them at - including your support key so that they can find you more quickly.


In the 20 mile stretch between home and work, I only saw one yesterday. At 8am local time when expired towers despawned, three of them showed around me.

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Edit: no longer needed as you edited your post.


Sorry about the confusion, @StoneCutter, even if it was temporary.


No problem. Just seeing if I missed something since we did get an unannounced epic strike tower last week.


Most of my common strike towers are showing as the large incubator 5 battle ones today.
Yesterday, most of them were the 3 fight ones.

Try clearing cache and restarting the app. It sometimes changes the towers on the map.

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